Modern Warfare TrueCombatSo now that the public alpha of Modern Warfare TrueCombat (MWTC) is out, you might ask yourself: "How is this different from CoD4? It's just a clone and ripoff!!"

Well, my friend, you are wrong. MWTC is in an early alpha phase, so that means a lot still needs to be done to differentiate this game and make it the best it can be.

However, although it's in a very early stage, it still has many differences from CoD4 that sets it apart. Read below.

Features (and differences to COD 4) so far:

  • No hud
  • No crosshair
  • No zoom when aiming
  • No XP, rank, extras, all purely based on player skills and tactics
  • Clip wasting reload
  • Speed similar to Q3TC 045
  • No COD4 hardpoints, kill streaks, grenade launchers, rocket launchers, ... (all crap cut out)
  • Improved real-life scale maps

6 classes per team with unique primary weapons (team dependent) and one specific weapon modification
  • MP5/MiniUzi (Weapon Mod: Silencer)
  • KRISS Vector/AkS74U (Weapon Mod: Red dot)
  • M4 Commando/FAMAS F1 (Weapon Mod: Holo sight/Red dot)
  • 6.8SPC Rifle/AK-47 (Weapon Mod: 4x ACOG)
  • M1014/SPAS-12 (Weapon Mod: Saboted slugs)
  • M21/L96 (Weapon Mod: Long range hollow point rounds)

8 Secondary Weapons (same for both teams)
  • FN Five-seven
  • USP.40
  • 1911
  • Glock 18C
  • Desert Eagle .50
  • .460 S&W Revolver
  • Sawed-off double barrel shotgun
  • Mossberg 590A1

3 Equipment/ability slots (one item per slot can be selected)
Weapon Addon
  • Weapon Modification - Allows weapon mod depending on primary weapon
  • High-grade Ammo - 15% more damage
  • Extra Ammo - 2x more mags

Combat Specialty
  • Steady Aim - Less spread when unaimed
  • Commando - One hit knife kill
  • Quiet movement - Less noise when moving

  • Lightweight Gear - Faster recovery from sprinting
  • Improved Vest - 25% more damage absorption
  • Regular Vest - Allows carrying one hand grenade

2 Teams
  • Task Force 626 - International special forces group
  • Darkwater International - Eastern Europe based mercenary group

3 Gametypes
  • Bodycount (Team Deathmatch)
  • Demolition (1-life Bomb/Defuse with switching sides halftime)
  • Capture the Flag (Classic CTF with switching sides at halftime)

2 Maps
  • Backlot - MWTC remastered version of Backlot
  • Hangar - Indoor training ground

Map Development Kit
  • Complete sources for all official MWTC maps

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