TrueCombat:Close Quarters Battle (CQB) is just like it's name implies: it's a FPS realism shooter based in close quarters combat.

As like TCE, you still need Wolfenstein:Enemy Territory to play CQB (also found on our downloads page under "TCE")!

We hope you will enjoy this alpha since it was a long time in the making! Please keep in mind that this is an alpha and that there might be some bugs. Please report any errors/suggestions/feedback on our CQB forum.

Other things to note of this alpha are:

  • No cross hair
  • Most realistic iron sight, reflex sight, and scope simulation
  • Real ballistic tracing including bullet drop
  • Minimum GPU requirements: Nvidia 6800GT or ATI X800
  • Win and Linux only
  • About 300 Megs download (plus W:ET)
  • Only Bodycount (TDM)
  • One map
  • Game is locked to sv_pure 1 and sv_official 1
We mentioned the customized weapons load out feature in yesterday's news. Now with CQB upon us, let's look at some other features that are new to CQB from TCE:


Freelook is probably the biggest and most unique feature in CQB. It's when your player model can look from side to side while keeping your weapon in the original forward position. Keep in mind that you can still shoot while in freelook and that the more you move to the side, the more your weapon will shift/sway.

example of freelook in action

Freelook is an optional bind in the game, so you can choose whether or not to use this feature.


The compass in CQB serves a different purpose than seen before in TCE.

It now will show you the location of your team mates (indicated by a white triangle). If they are being fired upon, the enemy's location is also shown in the form of a red dot.

Now there is no excuse for teamkilling. ;)


One of the main differences between TCE and CQB is the perk system. With the perk system, certain abilities (like lean, freeclimb) aren't default - but can be selected to create a unique player profile.

Based on your weapons load out, you can (at most) select only 1 perk in each category.

Perks can be selected in the deployment menu.

Gear Perk Slot(s)
Muzzle Attachment Suppressor or choke disperser 1
Extra Ammo Get more clips 1
High Grade Ammo More stopping power 1

Body Perk Slot(s)
Pain Killer Recover faster from damage1
Freeclimber Grab ledges and climb 1
Runner Increased stamina 1

Grenades Perk Slot(s)
M83 M83 smoke 1
XM84 XM84 stun 1
MK3A2 MK3A2 concussion 1

Combat Perk Slot(s)
Commando Increased knife damage 1
Bendable Lean around corners 1
Steady Aim Less spread and sway1