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Turkey/Croatia - NC09 Champions!
Sunday 08 November 2009 @ 21:27 EST

Congratulations to Turkey/Croatia for beating previously undefeated Finland 12-8 in the NC09 Championship Match! ...

You have claimed the title of "Greatest Nation(s) in TrueCombat:Elite for 2009"!

Congrats to Finland on claiming their second silver NC trophy in as many tournaments - and to Japan for holding on to their bronze trophy won in NC07.

Thank you to everyone who came out on ETTV to watch this match. We averaged about 96 viewers - and even at one point maxed out the 100 slot server!

To anyone who missed out on the action, demos (admin & ETTV), screens, stats & MVP are on the Match Results page.

NC09 Exhibition Match

In NC tradition, the winners get to play an Exhibition Match verses the "authorities" behind NC.

In NC07, Poland humiliated TeamTerminator 19-1.

This NC we aren't going to make it that easy for Turkey/Croatia!

Over the weekend of November 21-22 (date not set yet) for your viewing pleasure, we will be broadcasting Turkey/Croatia vs the NC09 Admin Staff live on ETTV.

Do you think the NC winners will slaughter the competition like in NC07? Or perhaps TR/HR shall be humbled by the NC creators in front of an audience?

Time will tell. We hope to see you there!

Prediction League

One more match to go! Visit the Prediction League site to enter your prediction for the final match!

Thanks to you all for another great year of Nation's Cup! More thanks (repeated) in the Full Story.

I'd like to take this opportunity to single out the people who helped make this NC a success. My apologies in advance if I have forgotten anyone.

  • NoiR# for initiating the NC09! If it weren't for him, we probably wouldn't have thought to do a NC now.

  • Bully for brainstorming and helping set up (and maintain) the league - and for putting up with the constant pm harassment & whine from many.

  • WingZero & SnaKeS3K for setting up our awesome server configurations.

  • SnaKeS3K (again!) for doing the job no one likes - snooping through the logs to keep NC clean!

  • LayerS for making the NC09 player skins - and to everyone who tested them.

  • Rogue for making the awesome NC emblem we use on the player skins and website.

  • Mave, XBlooD, SeF, Force & FoXy (hehe) for the use of their servers. Thank you!

  • Lemma for the constant server log harassment.

  • merlin1991 (aka Falco) for editing the TCE stats and tabulating Overall Stats (and tane for the awesome stats program).

  • Bully, Snake, LayerS, SpOOky, Wo0 & merlin1991 for admining matches.

  • SnaKeS3K for setting up the ETTV server (and Lemma for participating too!)

  • EVERYONE who watched the finals on ETTV!

  • Everyone who regularly participated on Prediction League (to give Snake, Bully & Puska some competition).

  • SnaKeS3K, NoiR#, Ariel, Dude_I_Suck, Wo0, Loki, moon, Bully, Sha0lin, WingZero, The awesome Eqpe, Magz|ire, Thor & Laci for submitting the award nominations & playoff maps form.

  • HappyBunny, mofo, hobocop, LayerS, merlin1991, ColdBlooded & $0m@7or for being my TCE/NC "models". You guys are "fabulous"!

  • Simons for making sure his map was bug free for NC's Round 2.
  • Everyone who gave the custom maps a chance!

  • Everyone I harassed in xfire (you know who you are - don't worry, it will soon be over hehe).

  • The members of the community who showed an interest in NC by either reading/posting on the NC forums & idling in our IRC channel.

  • All the teams who helped make TCE more active by fwing with their NC teams during the week.

  • All the captains who submitted their match submissions on time (or informed admins of a delay).

  • And of course - all the active captains who had to babysit and harass their teams to play. It's not a "fun" job and we really appreciate your effort.

  • And most importantly...

  • Every single player who actively participated this NC. There would be no tournament without you! :)

Posted by Diane
Team Terminator

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