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Sunday 01 November 2009 @ 20:47 EST

21 nations, 13 teams, 11 weeks and 48 matches later - the TCE Nations Cup of 2009 has now reached the most important game of the entire tournament. ...


Finland & Turkey/Croatia will fight for the NC09 Trophy this weekend on maps Delta & Railhouse (Northport - tiebreaker).

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You are ALL invited to watch this match LIVE on ETTV.

For those of you who are not familiar with ETTV, it basically means that you can join a server with fellow players to watch the match. You don't need to download anything - just connect to the server and enjoy the game!

Details of the date, time & ETTV server will be posted in the next few days as details become available - SO KEEP CHECKING BACK & SPREAD THE WORD!

NC09 Bronze Match

Japan & France will also be playing this week in a Bronze Cup Match.

Both teams put up a strong fight in the semifinals.

The Finland vs Japan match lasted around 3 hours with four maps played! A 5th map was narrowly avoided in the last round when Finland came out victorious 21-19 (yes, 21-19). I do have to say this match was one of the best and most interesting I've ever admined - so make sure to check out the demos!

The Turkey/Croatia vs France match teeter tottered for the entire game. Once a team grabbed the lead, the other team just caught up the next round. However as terror on Stadtrand, TR/HR gained the momentum needed to pull ahead of France. They kept that lead and won the match 12-8.

Prediction League

Two matches this week to predict! Go to the Prediction League site and predict right away!

There might be an Exhibition Match in the following weeks - more news on that later ;)

Good luck to everyone!

Posted by Diane
Team Terminator

Category: NC09

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