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NC09 Playoffs Start NOW!
Sunday 18 October 2009 @ 23:39 EDT

2 months have passed. 5 teams have been eliminated. Only 8 now remain...

Who will win the title of greatest nation in TCE? The countdown begins... ...


The playoff ladder is shown below (and can be seen with the corresponding maps on the Schedule page).

Each match will be single elimination. No ties are permitted - so captains, be careful with your scheduling to ensure you have your strongest team! ;)

The finals will be broadcasted live on ETTV - so keep checking back every week for more information regarding that!

NC09 Players Choice & Statistical Awards

Every NC (before the playoffs), we like to showcase the best of Rounds 1 and 2.

Who did people think were the "Most Feared" and "Best Campers"? Some of the answers might surprise you! ;)

Who had the best k/d ratio in a match? Who TK'd their team the most?

The answers to these questions - and more - can be found on the Awards page (link also found on the left NC09 menu).

The last week of Round 2 came to an end with maps Delta & Dust.

Sadly, not every team will advance to the playoffs, so I'd like to say thank you (and goodbye) to Hungary & Germany. Both teams were just rounds (literally) from advancing! Thank you both for your participation!

NC09 Stats

Falco was a busy schnitzel and updated many stats overalls. Visit the Stats Page to view the overall weekly stats, the Best of Round 2 stats AND the Best of Rounds 1+2!

Prediction League

The quarterfinal matches are up! Only 7 more matches left. That's more than enough to catch up to SnaKeS3K (and beat him)!

Visit the Prediction League site NOW to predict. We will probably be locking the predictions earlier than usual, so make sure to get yours in!

I wish every team participating in the quarterfinals much luck! See you next Monday! ;)

There is no hidden message in here right now - I'm too tired :D But I'd like to share this with you all...

[23:02] Destro: my stache isnt even at the specop's stage yet.....

Posted by Diane
Team Terminator

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