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0.49 Released!
Friday 29 September 2006 @ 15:15 EDT

TrueCombat:Elite 0.49 has been released!

TrueCombat:Elite (TC:E) is a realistic first person shooter set against the backdrop of modern urban warfare. The player can expect thrilling shootouts, an emphasis on tactical team play, engaging close quarter fighting and some of the best weapons of modern warfare. ...

TCE is a 100% free game and comes in Windows, Linux and Macintosh versions. Although it needs the popular free Enemy Territory engine to run, it is a total conversion and is a whole different game, so check if out regardless if you are an ET fan or not!

Some new features 0.49 include are:

- Texture Tone Mapping
- HDR Lighting
- Realistic scaling
- High quality sounds (44khz)
- Letterbox & widescreen modes - TrueVision
- Mac version
- Free climb
- Reworked weapon handling
- Reinforced OBJ, as Capture the Flag in stock maps.
- Bug fixes

Q: What are the minimum system requirements for 0.49??
Though TC:E is based on the ET engine, it has higher minimum system requirements:
You'll need at least an 800mhz processor, 320mb of RAM, a 64mb video card and 750mb of free space as Enemy Territory is 250mb and TCE 0.49 around 450mb. Recommended system specs are a 128mb video card and at least 512mb of RAM.

Q: WHAT? No new weapons??
"Unfortunately, some stuff that was already prepared or close to be finished didn't make it in the 0.49 release in the interest of time. New weapons will be released along with new maps in the future.

We hope to be able to constantly improve TCE 0.49+ with shorter upgrade cycles." - Coroner

Q: Any changes for servers?
There is now a new "sv_official" setting, where official servers can only load offcially released TC:E maps and are meant to only reference the official TC:E pak files.
TC:E 0.49 will also be limited to 20 clients in Objective mode and 32 clients in the other modes.
Note: server and map configs are not bundled in with the download. You can find them on any of our mirror's pages.

Q: Is TC:E Open Source? How about moving to the Q3 GPL engine or its forks? Can I contribute?
No. This has been discussed by the community already, and the dev team has stated several times that they intend to continue in the W:ET engine as a closed source project.

If you think you can contribute models/maps/textures of the same quality of the TC:E standards, feel free to contact the team through the contact form in the "Team" section of

Posted by Diane
Team Terminator

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