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Tuesday 05 September 2006 @ 04:46 EDT

There have been many questions and rumours circulating about what 0.49 will now offer after it was stated that "we have decided to cut back on some features and tweaks" in our last official news post. ...

Coroner recently addressed several of those questions:

The download size will be 450-475 MB. The new release does not require any of the earlier 0.48 files. Old 0.48 maps are not compatible regarding scale as well as lighting.

The release will include 6 completely new or reworked maps (Northport, Railhouse, Village, Snow, Delta and Stadtrand).

It will offer to-scale mapping, to-scale movement physics, strongly improved weapon mechanics, HDR lighting and light effects. We have three sub-mod prepared gametypes (OBJ(DEM), ROBJ(CTF) and BC). The code is prepared for free scriptable objectives including (multiple) capture, capture and hold, extraction, use, demolition, and escorting. The mission system is, however, not finalized yet and other item are waiting on the list. We are prepared to release weapon and map updates soon after the next release. We hope to be able to offer the new weapons along with a more elaborated equipment system including modable weapon upgrades as well as a bulk, weight and movement restriction system.

The next release of TCE will need more resources than 0.48. The reason for this is mainly the 44k sound and the much more detailed level design. The static part of TCE HDR system comes for free, resource wise, since it is baked into the lightmaps. The dynamic part can be disabled and should then be replaced by a r_gamma adjustment when 16 bit rendering and textures are used.

Texture resolution is scalable as before. Since TCE doesnt use any recent and expensive shader effects (ET can't do it), older hardware can, in principle, manage TCE better then games that use newer engines.

Taken together, the main limitation will be related whether the hardware is able to deal with TCE's polycount, and that definately went up in all maps.

Currently, however, all our effort is put into releasing the current state "as is".

Don't forget to check out the Developer Blogs . There have been many recent entries as we gear up towards the long awaited release.

Something big is coming... but in the meantime, check out some screens of the newly revamped classic, Snow:

Posted by Diane
Team Terminator

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