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CQB Alpha Patch 0.223 Now Available!
Saturday 30 April 2011 @ 13:31 EDT

Close Quarters Battle
The Easter Bunny was a little late with this one... but the delay was well worth it as the new CQB Alpha Patch 0.223 is here! ...

To see what's new in 0.223, read the full story for the changelog!

Download the CQB Alpha 0.223 patch now!!!!!

Alpha 0.223 4/30/2011

  • Removed far sound console spam
  • Fixed floating gun/hands during FP death animation
  • Suppressed fire, knife and grenades do not appear on radar anymore
  • Increased PPMM turning speed for stand and crouch (+33% and +50%)
  • Increased team name distance and appearance of team names near removed bodies
  • MP9 and Miniuzi now start with three clips
  • Health regeneration now starts with 3 sec delay after last inflicted damage
  • Adjusted position of FP single-handed weapons to appear a bit bigger
  • Adjusted position of FP two-handed weapons to be a bit lower and closer in shouldered position
  • Improved AABB movement code to better slide around corners where players otherwise got easily stuck
  • Faster return from freelook excursion, increased return speed by 80%
  • Decreased erratic M3S90 and SPAS12 range by 33% and damage by 10%
  • Decreased M590C damage by 10%
  • Decreased Desert Eagle damage by 17% and increased range by 25%
  • Increased .45 sidearm range by 25%
  • Increased .45 damage by 10%
  • Decreased 7.62mm sniper damage by 17%
  • Increased MP9 and MiniUzi range by 33%
  • Fixed lean bug (third-person and first-person animation were vastly off for left leaning)
  • g_leanmode is now cheat protected
  • Removed ETish camera shake near explosions
  • Removed reference to TC:E from escape menu
  • Changed health regeneration to only recover to certain levels after taking damage (80%, 64%, 50%)
  • Added perk for 25% faster reloading
  • Reworked Body perk group to represent different levels of body armor
  • Renamed Runner perk to Lightweight, replacing regular flak vest by an improved one (faster run and sprint)
  • Added Protected perk, lowering body damage by 10%
  • Changed Freeclimber perk into Tank perk, lowering body damage by 20% and decreasing movement speeds by 10%
  • Commando perk now also offers ledge grabbbing ability
  • Reintroduced High-grade Ammo perk which now slighly increases the range (reducing falloff effects) and exchanges 00 buckshot against shotgun slugs
  • Mossberg 590 Compact now holds 5 rounds
  • Replaced Beretta 92 by Wilson Combat CQB
  • Replaced Glock 21 by H&K USP 40
  • Replaced old TCE Desert Eagle model
  • Added sawn-off double barreled shotgun aka Shorty (+ akimbo)
  • Aiming down the sight of the right weapon during akimbo
  • Reduced akimbo spread
  • Reworked USP 40 akimbo anim
  • Fixed missing recoil during free look
  • Made toggle aiming optional (default enabled)
  • Added toggle sprint option (COD4-like)
  • Increased gravity to shorten jump length
  • Slightly increased weapon size/bulk effects on speed (from +-5% to +-7.5%)
  • Halved minimum spread for sidearms
  • Replaced ETish horse-like landing sound

Posted by Diane
Team Terminator

Category: Close Quarters Battle Sponsor

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