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 Post subject: True Polity
PostPosted: Wed Aug 24, 2005 5:07 am 
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This is fully quoted response to Melmoth's post in this thread to prevent that thread from being taken off topic:

Melmoth wrote:
hoak wrote:
I know at least one Dev Team member was so opposed even to the existence of the suggestion that hysterics, screaming tantrums, and my being banned from "The Official TC:E Forums" was the result... But perhaps cooler, brighter minds are prevailing...


That´s offensive at least.

You are welcome to find offense or be offended by anything that satisfies your need for some manner of righteous indignation or that pleases you. Your finding offense does not in fact make what you choose to be offended by an "offense" by intention or as a matter of fact...

Melmoth wrote:
Defamation of the devs (you depict them as if they were fascists) and the community of the official site should not be part of this very interesting and so far constructive discussion.

Here you are more explicitly guilty of the offense of "defamation" then even the loosest and most ignorant interpretation of my post could be. The act of "defamation" implies gross misrepresentation, exaggeration, or even lies that misrepresent a person, their words, their character, or conduct; my statements were factual, yours, as clearly evidenced, are not.

I never used the plural "Developers", the abbreviation for the plural "Devs" or any pluralistic implication suggesting multiple people. In fact I refer explicitly to one person with the assignation Developer which while a bit of a stretch by definition of that title as he has contributed no content to True Combat; is still only one person... Neither have I ever, in any venue, on any occasion, in my entire life used language implying or depicting anyone related to TC:E or any game as a "Fascist" -- that choice of defamatory language, and the magical thinking that lead to that kind of insult is all yours, and your responsibility to own and apologies for.

Clearly there are provocative, rude, petty, hostile, and by self admission ethnocentric individuals posting to "The Official TC:E Forums"... That these individuals admit trolling, being provocative, and are still allowed to post to "The Official TC:E Forums" affects my estimation of the value of that forum, as it does many others...

Melmoth wrote:
Remember that TH is a member of TT. What do you expect? A mutiny?

Again, the provocative negative and hostile language hinging on hysteria like "mutiny", with it's grossly histrionic fictional consequence, and the implied insults are all yours...

I find Mark to be one of the most rational, accountable, reasonable, mature and adult individuals I've encountered via the Internet; he is also extremely bright, talented, motivated, very enjoyable to talk to. I could never imagine that such a capable and clearly independent person could be swayed, incited, or motivated by others to something as petty or trivial as "mutiny" or whatever it is your implying... I find such an remark, more "defamatory" of his character, then my factual recitation of another's widely observed conduct.

I don't mind the petty personal attacks on "Thee Official TC:E Fourms"; people that do this sort of thing reveal more about themselves then anything. But misrepresentation of my conduct, ideas, facts, measurements, and information I've presented where I am not being quoted, am not being quoted in context, and/or have had my posts edited by a Moderator for content to a degree that they are no longer presenting information, ideas, measurements, or language that is my own -- or where threads locked for no reason other then to prevent supporting discussion and presentation of evidence; it's so far below the moral basement, is in fact illegal in most countries and venues of human interaction, and is by legal definition "liable" or "defamation"... That I have no opportunity to respond, defend or counter misrepresentation or misquotation on "Thee Official TC:E Forums" makes it all the uglier.

You may value such a venue, and the existential epistomology that allows and indulges it; I do not...


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