Mapping ideas by non mappers for mappers to use--
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Author:  AhabTheCapN [ Tue Apr 26, 2005 4:39 pm ]
Post subject:  Mapping ideas by non mappers for mappers to use--

some map i deas that i will never bring to fruition but would love to see

The UN Building

Waco Complex

White House


a version of tc tanker with 2 tankers


and many other historic sites

the mappers involved with the team have steered away from this sort of map but i think third party mappers are free to handle maps of this nature because they have less to fear about how politically correct such maps would be

if realism is the point here i think it would be best if it were embraced whole heartedly

i believe this would fall under protected free speech and its a great way to add a buzz around the game

also if someone takes the game to court because of say the implications of creating a map based on the whitehouse, it would be a huge marketing coup for the makers of tce

just some thoughts

besides all this noise i think itd be fun

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