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Author:  marze [ Mon Jan 21, 2019 1:02 pm ]
Post subject:  TCE_Viewarms

Check my blog for some in-game screenshots of the contents of the Z_TCE_Viewarms_ package I'm working on.
As I said in other posts there is still a lot to do, such as the texture of the hands / weapons model optimizing / new weapons UV map/ new and better weapon models. Obviously the new features of CQB as the reflexsight parameter for the optics or the improvements of the vision through the scope can not be used.

Author:  coroner [ Mon Feb 04, 2019 3:48 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: TCE_Viewarms

Hi Marze,

great work. I have been off for some time. Trying to catch up. What would be required for you to bundle your playermodels for CQB?
There is the internal CQB version with sv_offical and maps unlocked.
Would it help to make this public?

There has just been some light in the dark for ET it seems. ETe is a super fast a robust engine based on Quake3e. Just playing around with the now usable lighting ...

Keep up the good work,


Author:  coroner [ Thu Feb 07, 2019 7:31 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: TCE_Viewarms

Tested your last CQB player models version but unfortunately ran into a memory error on disconnecting from a listen server or changing the map.

I guess the TCE package is further developed? I otherwise still use the 2015 version from the internal testing which runs fine.

Which would be the minimal set of models which is safe to use? I am also partly loading 2k textures as replacement of the old 0.5k textures on brushwork. This is handled like a charm at least by ETe.



Author:  marze [ Fri Feb 08, 2019 2:41 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: TCE_Viewarms

Hi, I had not read your post and I have already written a private message.
I suspect that the problems you've found are due to some general memory limit on the .md3 that I talked about in previous posts. I believe that all the md3 models that I made respect the .md3 limits. I believe that if the problem was a .md3 violation the engine crash since loading the first map (as happens for models with a excessive number of vertices) and not when the map change. I thought more about a memory area too small or that is not completely purged at the map change.
In any case this problem forced me to use for Z_TCE_players_20190101.pk3 only 4 custom heads*100 frames instead of 6 heads*400 frames.
The problem has recurred also during the development of Z_TCE_viewarms after I added six or seven different md3 animations of the arms.
For this reason I used only one animation for all the pistols and for this reason I think it is a generic limit due to the size of the memory variable of the engine reserved for md3 and relative frames.
I'm working on Z_TCE_viewarms_ package but actually is not ready for a test because I'm making some corrections to what I had done.

I think therefore in general there are two ways:
1) realize the models and animations to the best (in compliance with the maximum parameters of md3) and solve the problem by correcting the code.
2) adapt and lower the quality of the models and the number of frames.
I hope for the first way because otherwise ET will never make a quality leap
I will soon be releasing updated Z_CQB_players_yyyymmdd.pk3

Author:  coroner [ Sat Feb 09, 2019 5:57 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: TCE_Viewarms

Great to hear that you are updating the CQB package. I had a weird problem with the old one that everything was ok until I disconnected from the listen serber or loaded a new map.

Looking forward to test the new pack.

Could it be a better option to used mdm/mdx also for the viewarms?
Alternatively I think the option of fewer more generic arms anims (basically like now) is also good.

Do you happen to be interested in also providing the double barreled sawn off anim and a revolver anim? These are missing completelly ... :)

Author:  marze [ Wed Feb 13, 2019 1:17 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: TCE_Viewarms

Now I'm making an animation for both mp5 & ump45 and some corrections to the Z_TCE_viewarms package to make the content more homogeneous. It will already be compatible with CQB in the first phase. Then I will make a version to take advantage of all the new features of CQB.
Trying to use mdm / mdx is an interesting option but I would like it as extrema ratio because the format is not easily manageable.

If you agree this could be the roadmap:
- remake the animations of the arms currently used.
- adding missing animations (double barreled sawn off anim & revolver animations)
- reorganization and models of existing weapons.

In case of problems (if the code can't be touched):
- fragment the weapons into smaller pieces and see if the error remains (it's a test I have not done yet).
- reduction of the polygons of the arms and number of frames where possible (at the moment I have already created low poly version)
- reduction of accessories combined with the players' models
- further reduction of custom heads and frames (therefore from the current 4 to 3).

Author:  coroner [ Fri Feb 22, 2019 5:10 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: TCE_Viewarms

Sounds great for the viewarms.

With 2k textures on the walls definately new arms are required.
On my roadmap are some replacements for map models with updated geometry and 3k textures.

I am looking forward to test revised packages also for the player models. The last CQB one has this weird problem that there is an memory error when the next map is loaded. It seems there is a fixed amount of memory which can be assigned to models. This could be changed in the engine but it would not work with any ET engine anymore then.

One other option for the player models I was thinking about whether there can just be three with different armor (light, regular, heavy) which are then selected according to the gear. Also Helmet only when selecting heavy armor.

As suggested in the forums earlier it might also be worthwhile to consider a bit different placement of attachments on belt and so on to distinguish the two teams.

All just some thoughts ... We all can be vey happy about all the things you achieved!


Author:  marze [ Sun Jun 16, 2019 2:53 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: TCE_Viewarms

Hi, I shared a new TCE_players package to fix some error to the player's head model.
Waiting that coroner will release a unlocked version of CQB I share a TCE_viewarms package that is just in the firt stage but is the starting point for all the new weapons improvements.
It's optimized for TCE but can be easily adapted for CQB. Lot's of improvements needed... the textures of the hands need to be increased to 1024x1024 and there are errors of sync between the 1st view and 3rd view weapons model (all things that can be solved in a short time).
The fine tuning on the position of the weapons is still to be done.
Trying it with TCE there are incomprehensible errors for saiga12s (reloading anim) and for m76 buis (shooting anim). This errors are not present with CQB (internal unlocked version).
The arms animations are for:
- Knife
- Grenade
- Pistols (beretta 92fs, desert eagle, p226, glock, usp40, wilson1911)
- SG552
- AK47, AK74M, AKSU74, M76, SAIGA12S

Al the weapons models came from CQB except for Ka-Bar Knive (thanks to Venom908 & Chimp from gamesbanana)

It's better run TCE with this setting:
+set com_soundMegs 64
+set com_hunkMegs 256
+set com_zoneMegs 64
+set r_maxpolyverts 16384
+set r_maxpolys 4096

Author:  marze [ Tue Apr 06, 2021 9:58 am ]
Post subject:  Re: TCE_Viewarms

I can finally release all the packages since are ready and stable. I have tested them many times in body count mode and have never had any problems and everithing is smooth (I didn't try with ETL).
I tried to improve everything possible from a graphical point of view (since I cannot touch the code) but obviously all the content is far from being finished and can be greatly improved.
In my opinion it is a good starting point to which to add the contribution of all those who want to improve or change True Combat Elite.
There will probably make a more precise tuning for lots of stuff (I mean touching .gear & .weap & .specs) since i'm not a weapons expert. For example there are various type of flash and probably need to be better "binded" to the proper weapon.
I maded also some animations for 3rd pov players. Currently are used only knife and grenade animation.

Check out my blog for link and the details.

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