[HOW-TO] Not to get (too much) affected by third-party stuff
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Author:  [FanT]AsthMaTiK [ Fri Jul 16, 2010 2:34 pm ]
Post subject:  [HOW-TO] Not to get (too much) affected by third-party stuff

Well, a lot of people are complaining about third party stuff which are doing "interferences" with regular/official servers.
According the system of loading of the .pk3 files, you will always be annoyed by the "parasite" .pk3.

If you want to have the regular sounds for example, ALWAYS CONNECT FIRST ON AN OFFICIAL SERVER!!! Then you can connect on another one.
Once loaded, the sounds stay the same in memory.

Don't navigate between servers, quit TC:E and restart it before to join another server.

An easy solution is to delete each time the third party .pk3 from your tcetest directory but it brings a lot of problems:
- You have to do it each time (and it is boring)
- Each time you will go on a modded server you will download AGAIN these .pk3
It is long for you...
It sucks resources and bandwidth from the server (maybe lags for the players too)

I have a partial solution but you will have to do a little effort and it will cost you some disk space (457 to 736 MB) :P
Anyway, nowadays computers have plenty of space, it shouldn't be a problem.

What you need is a program able to manage REAL .zip files (info-zip, winrar, winzip in old format, not multimedia specail mode)
I will give the steps for Winrar.

Follow the steps in the following order.
Ok, let's start:

  1. Create a temporary directory
  2. Extract the content of your pak0.pk3 in your temporary directory
  3. Extract the content of your pak1.pk3 in your temporary directory. Overwrite all if asked.
  4. Extract the content of your pak2.pk3 in your temporary directory. Overwrite all if asked.
  5. Extract the content of your pak3.pk3 in your temporary directory. Overwrite all if asked.
  6. Extract the content of your pak4.pk3 in your temporary directory. Overwrite all if asked.
  7. With your Winrar, go in your temporary directory.
  8. Select ALL the files and folders (Ctrl-A).
  9. Click on ADD or press Alt-A
  10. In General tab:
    name the file "~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~.pk3"
    (32 times tilde character, the one on the open console button for US keyboard),
    select ZIP format
    select a method of compression. Depending on this level, the obtained "~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~.pk3" size will be between 457 and 736 MB. With "store" level, it will be bigger but (just a bit) faster to load ingame.
    Uncheck any other option!
  11. Click "Ok" to launch the creation of the pack.
  12. Test it to be sure it is not broken.
  13. Place it in your tcetest directory of your client (NOT IN THE TCETEST DIRECTORY OF A SERVER !!!!).
  14. Enjoy ;)

The .pk3 files are loaded in alphabetic order (but first the pak0 to pakX).
Every new .pk3 will "overwrite" resources access in memory.
A pack with tilde name will be at the end of the chain and "restore" the default resources.
But don't forget to go on an official server as first server to load the proper ressources in memory.

Don't put this pack on your own server, it is ***BIG*** and you wouldn't be able to install any other third party .pk3.

Anyone who would add such a file on his server (or with more tilde in the name) should be considered as doing an attempt of annoyance.

Author:  Piney [ Sat Jul 17, 2010 2:49 am ]
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this is so brilliant, you take old thing and make a new one like butter.

Author:  [FanT]AsthMaTiK [ Sat Jul 17, 2010 10:37 am ]
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It would be better if the game was clearing hunkmegs/soundmegs/zonemegs when we are leaving a server to join another one :/
That's why you have to join first a "clean" server or your game will keep modified data in cache :/
And it wouldn't even take more time to load the game as all ressources are (supposed) to be (re)loaded when you see the progress bar on the screen.

Author:  Piney [ Sat Jul 17, 2010 11:35 am ]
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Is this what causes the PB problems when you install TC:E, that you have to join an ET server first?

Also, maybe it's possible to clear the ressources when launching the game with a .bat file? A bit like how etmin works.

Author:  [FanT]AsthMaTiK [ Sat Jul 17, 2010 12:54 pm ]
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About PB problem, when you install it, you don't need to go on an W:ET server first, you have to activate PB and to go on any server to generate a GUID key.
You have some commands to do it before to join a server, but it is done automatically when you will join this firsst server.
Maybe you will get kicked because of "No GUID" or "Empty GUID", but at next connection it will be solved.

And yes, you can do a bat file to delete the third party files.
Something like:

- Move the legit files from tcetest in a temporary directory
- Del *.* from tcetest folder
- Move legit files from the temporary directory to tcetest
- Laucnh TC:E with the full parameters on command line

It is a lot more simple than to do comparisons with plenty of "if" statements :P

P.S.: Sometimes, on bad configured servers, you can have stuff added in etmain directory too...

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