Semi Official Map Obj_Bahamut
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Author:  [imprez]Scouser [ Fri Jul 31, 2009 8:13 pm ]
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thanks for comms guys and have a nice holiday bro :)
lukin forward to seeing u back , ive also come down with damm swine flu been ill for the past 5 days , and to make it worse i woke up this morning with a soar throat form hell to the biggest zit on my ass ever it doesnt rain it pours lol


Author:  HoboCoP [ Wed Aug 05, 2009 9:15 am ]
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a few comments -

the scaling, modelling, shadows and lighting are all spot on, it doesnt seem cheap or like a crappy q3 map.

did you take the OBJ straight out of the bahamut obj or did you move the bombspots somewhere else?

i dont think you need to do any more modelling ... but maybe take a look at tc_deadliestxmas to see what HellOnStage did to deadlyxmas when he got a chance to remake it - LOTS OF LOVELY details on the walls. I want the current build of this map to be like a COD4 map with r_drawdecals on 0 instead of 1.

Because it is such a big map with very similar skins, take some time to do some different ones, add some graffiti, make it more run down, add better quality wood ones for the fences, find some little accessories like small crates and scatter them in areas. think about what the parts of the map actually are "in real life" and then accessorise them accordingly.

seriously though, the only reason im saying all this shit is cause i think the map is BADMAN.


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