[Observations] Some Obersvation on MWTC
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Author:  zyth23 [ Fri Apr 12, 2013 4:33 pm ]
Post subject:  [Observations] Some Obersvation on MWTC

Hello there.

After 2 hours of testing with Hyshka, we made few observations.

We tryied the damage of all weapon at the same range on chest and head.
Actually a good balancing of damages, but too many headshots needed before killing. (Except snipers)

We noticed that the cod4 un-aimed is realy realy too accurate.
Also when aiming, then unaiming, then reaiming, the weapon don't change position on the screen. (Unlike free aim of TC:E, but those things are normal for an early alpha)

One thing that can be nice to change is thath when you're in range to reach your enemy with your weapon, and if he's on your basic cod4 hidden crosshair, you have his name over his head.
This problem makes unaim shooting realy easy.

We also saw that the duration of animation which hide and un-hide the weapon when Jumping / proning is realy too long and buggy.

The leaning of cod4 is realy bad as well, and we hope it's possible to makes it more looking to the TC:E leaning (default Q and E key of qwerty keyboard)

The Health Regeneration of CoD4 is realy realy realy tooooooo CHEATED.
If you can rest and don't get damage after having your screen full of blood, you can fully regenerate your health and return like if you never took any damage.


We arrived to a sad conclusion: The CoD4 engine isn't appropriate to TC serie.
I know this conclusion is "easy" to say, and that it's hard to program games.

I'm java game dev and I know how long and hard is the dev of a Game.

I've no idea about how to bring TC serie back alive.
Most of the fps players has gone on ps3 or xbox360, the PC fps community will never be as it was 7-8 years ago.


I want TC back alive, I can program in Java and I can easily learn programming another langage.
Hyshka told me he can do graphic, and can learn 3d modeling.

So if we can help TC to rise once more, pm us.

Author:  hyshka [ Fri Apr 12, 2013 5:00 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: [Observations] Some Obersvation on MWTC

I second all of the above and would like to add:

The disabled weapon time for prone and jump seems to activate after you start prone/jump. The jump weapon time also activates when walking over small ledges like those found in doorways. The 'Seady Aim' perk helps moderate the jump delay but even then it it unreasonable.

While the weapon is disabled, movement speed is also drastically reduced which I think is unreasonably/unrealistic.

The blur effect when iron-sighted isn't very good as sometimes objects directly in front of my sights will be blurred. You notice this especially when in grass, or tucked close to cover. This makes it harder to see and is distracting.

I would also like to see the ability to jump higher, even onto the big 45 (or w/e) gallon steel drums and the ability to bunny hop like in TC:E! Crouch > Shift > Jump just feels bad to me now. In natural combat you would still have the ability to leap out of the way, where as the cod4 jump feels too slow especially when you try to move and jump from standstill.

Those are my thoughts for now. It was nice having someone else on the server to play with and I can't wait to try with a whole team of folks.


Author:  MaggyOD [ Sat Nov 21, 2015 11:54 am ]
Post subject:  Re: [Observations] Some Obersvation on MWTC

hyshka wrote:
While the weapon is disabled, movement speed is also drastically reduced which I think is unreasonably/unrealistic.

Just disable Depth of Field in options. CoD4 DoF has always been bad and i usually disable it when i play multiplayer.

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