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Author:  coroner [ Tue Feb 05, 2013 12:46 pm ]
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MWTC public alpha release information.

I will finish MWTC for release this weekend (10.02.) and will transfer the files to Diane's ftp. I guess Valentine's Day would be perfect for public release with the weekend ahead.

The alpha release will feature two maps. The MWTC remastered Cod4 map Backlot and the all new map Hangar that kept me busy last weekend and in the evenings. Hangar is based on my unfinished CQB Killhouse map.

MWTC will feature Bodycount, Demolition, and CTF. Custom maps with the naming convention mp_tc_ will be supported. The release will ship with all map sources for Backlot and Hangar, as reference for custom maps. Third party mappers are encouraged to share their map sources and assets and to stick to the folder structure and conventions if they intend to contribute to future versions.

Game mechanics will be adapted during the alpha phase and is currently inspired by Q3TC 045. Thus MWTC will neither be nor aim at porting TCE 1:1 to MW.

Author:  coroner [ Wed Oct 23, 2013 6:31 am ]
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Did some testing of CQB with ET:L. Unfortunately ET:L can have severe performance drops for me. It is recognizable in full auto fire when the weapons firing seem to stutter, sounds pretty crappy. I first thought, damn, couldn't remember that ET was so bad. No wonder, this does not happen in stock ET.
Kind of a downer, I also I noticed that the looping sound in the UI is not seemless in ET:L anymore. I wonder whether it is any kind of issue they have introduced with the sound system.

So, what is the problem with stock ET exactly? Do we need ET:L, or can we just use an own modified ET? Or stock ET if on punkbuster disabled servers?
Just checked my own modified ET engine. Runs absolutely smooth even with max polys and such stuff increased. Too bad didn't plan to enter this engine business at all ...

Don't reply here. But any ideas are wellcome in a new thread.

Author:  coroner [ Mon May 11, 2015 3:46 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Coroner's Blog

I'd like to share some information about activity that has been going on behind the curtain for some time now. There has been a gathering of some interested and long-term content developers from around here to form a team of freelancers. It has been their continued interest in toying around with TC that got me back on track again.

Well, together we follow the goal to bring back TC to life.

The first basic step will be a new release of CQB with some tweaks, a sample map (including map source) with all gametypes supported, and most importantly unlocked for customization. Furthermore, the new release will run "standalone" with the ET engine of your choice.

Regarding the engine ET:L seems to provide a solid base, however, I could also not prevent myself from touching the engine a bit and implemented blur, bloom, and screen based exposure measurement (for dynamic exposure, i.e. HDR or "eye" effect) in the ET engine. The code is based on an old version of OA's bloom implementation (which is based on Warsow/Darkplaces) and is now optimized for minimal framerate impact. Actually it is super fast. I hope ET:L will merge these features in their code base, without letting us wait for the new renderer (in comparison to ETXreals blur and bloom the current version is much faster anyhow).

Stay tuned for a new CQB release and more report about content updates in the future.

Author:  coroner [ Thu Jan 24, 2019 2:29 pm ]
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Hello world.

20 years ago I was mapping for Kingpin: Life of crime. After having released a Q2 map, I never finished that map for Kingpin and ported it later to Quake3, sometime early in 2000. The map became known as Urban Assault in the Q3:Terminator mod. From there the development of Truecombat started.

Though 2019 marks no real anniversary year for Truecombat, it is one for its early beginnings. Much of Q3TC visual darkness and gloominess had its roots in Kingpin.

My fingers are itching to get back to TC and to recreate a modernized version of that early TC experience. However, real life hardly allows that. Moreover, there is still no ET engine update which would allow pushing the graphics of TCE/CQB to at least a bit higher level. Thus still COD4:Modern Warfare would seem the base game of choice allowing to map in the Radiant editor and with its Q3 roots basically resembling Q3TC game mechanics.

If one map were to be recreated, which one would be iconic for the TC franchise? Snow seems to be the oldest one which was in all TC incarnations.

Thanks to Diane for keeping this site up.

Author:  coroner [ Fri Feb 08, 2019 10:32 am ]
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A sparc in the dark.

Maybe it is just me but I have the feeling that there has been some more activity and some great progress with ET at the end of the last year:

ET Legacy released their new version and I am impressed. It seems all the problems I encountered with CQB in the past are gone. No more sound stutter, correct looping of sounds, and CQB's projected playershadows work without a flaw. Two thumbs up.

There is also ETe on Github, a fork of Quake3e. This engine adds much improved dynamic lights and is even faster than stock ET. Super nice fast bloom etc.

Then there is a new (I think) mdm/mdx importer/exporter for Blender which is great news for skeletal models/animations.

Well, that has motivated me to test 2k map textures that I was working for on MWTC in CQB. It's impressing. ETe seems to handle it without noticible drop in framerate. I feel some itch to update CQB (unlocked of course).

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