A Quick Shout
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Author:  Haraldzz [ Wed Dec 26, 2012 2:43 pm ]
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I love shadows... And that looks awesome!

Author:  affine [ Tue Mar 19, 2013 6:45 pm ]
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Bit of an update. I've been busy with school and girls ;) I have basically stopped work on my 3d engine. Not very many people seem interested in what I have to offer. Since then I've just been doing some research on writing my own scripting language and it has boiled down to basically either using only C++ or a C++/Lua combo. Mono would be an (ideal) option as long as the game is not shipped for mobile platforms.
The issue with creating your own scripting language is whether or not you want it to execute in a VM or not.
Writing your own bytecode format and VM isn't the smallest task in the world.
Writing a decent natively executed language is an acceptable task, but in my opinion isn't really worth the extra effort after looking into it. If you need a well-structured program, C++ is all you need. Every other sloppy task is best delegated to Lua, which is (borderline) hands-down the best duck typed and interpreted language out there for games.

If anything, I'd probably end up modifying the Mono C# compiler (which is MIT) to compile it straight into native code. It's not exactly an ideal solution, but it's the best and easiest thing. I like C#.

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