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Author:  Craterus [ Fri Apr 01, 2011 3:21 pm ]
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I agree, everyone should have lean and free-look if it is implemented. Perhaps Bendable would instead accentuate these effects, allowing you to lean further and free-look more without rotating your rifle. Perhaps it could also speed-up stance changes?

I think someone already mentioned it, but when using any shotgun after you shot once you can no longer use the lean feature granted by bendable.

I have found the some stairways, doors, and openings are difficult to get through quickly (i.e. running into invisible walls). Also, perhaps this is intentional, but there seems to be an inordinate delay between pressing the crouch button and actually crouching.

It would be nice (esp, for new players) if the readme was more extensive and included an installation guide/instructions.

Spawning is ... interesting ... I haven't quite figured it out, and maybe its like this already, but it would be better (I think, I play mostly BC) if the spawnpoints on one side of the map were for Terror and the other side for SpecOps (but not group spawning). Maybe I have some repetition, but that's what I can think of right now.

Author:  simbolo [ Fri Apr 01, 2011 3:39 pm ]
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can't seem to find this weapon in limbo... maybe because its transparent???





Author:  RedRuM [ Fri Apr 01, 2011 6:21 pm ]
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rather small detail and not most important thing to fix. under "extra ammo" in description you will regonize word "clip" instead of "magazine" :)

otherwise i havent seen anything to report (except those spawns). havent played online yet

Author:  simbolo [ Fri Apr 01, 2011 8:00 pm ]
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oops, already mentioned

Author:  wazigster [ Sat Apr 02, 2011 1:54 am ]
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The ability to lean disappears when using the Mossberg shotgun as a side arm - after a short time using the side arm. Others have mentioned it happening to them to, in game.

I do want to complement Coroner on the overall quality of the game, I'm very impressed. Thanks dude.

On the power of the shotguns, I think Coroner needs to make a decision if it'll be birdshot (unlikely), buckshot or slugs. Slugs don't have spread, and an immense stopping power, on the short range and the buckshot carries a lot further, but with spread.

The shotgun as main weapon, should be stronger than the mossberg, because it's the main weapon (gameplay) and has a longer barrel (RL) so is more precise and can shoot further.

edit: I dislike the random spawning, but that's not a bug...

Author:  King_pl [ Sat Apr 02, 2011 10:14 am ]
Post subject: first suggestions about gameplay in CQB.

1) Most important - Too slow movements. Overall movement is like in dense oil. I cant feel DYNAMISM in CQB. Everything here is clumsy ,incredible slow - ideal fps for grandfathers. In this form there is no realism (as u want Coroner)..but only frustrating gameplay. To be honest everyone player who i know complain a lot about it .
2) Very strange running. I feel as if i had to accelerate first before start really run. What is that??
3) NO FEELING of jumping, climbing etc..It is like a slide .
4) Total IMHO misunderstanding with perks..Loan, climbing in perks ???? It's really bad idea. As a last resort , much better is add to perks any logical items like for example better nades, kevlar for specs etc.
5) The same with blood system on screen...and self healing. It was much better in 0.49. Even TCE could be much better without medicine at all!! What a great future in todays idiotic cod like fps ! Self-healing is NOT good idea for any self-respect tactical game. Please give up from this feature.
6) Red dots on radar showing enemies positions. Useless. Teamspeak/mumble are enough.
7) Exagerated swimming, shaking of weapons during aiming. Its not realistic.

8) Too bright graphics on some places on map.
9) Knife position is strange.(too close to face)
10) very ugly looking dolly-legs - i prefer in this case to see nothing like in 0.49

11) I have to play with DISABLED anisotrophy. Otherwise CQB kick me to desktop (9600GT, athlon X2, win7 64)

Generally CQB have chance to be better than TCE but...a lot of amendments and changes are needed.

Regards! sry for my weak english ; )

osch..i M4, M16 ? ://///////////////////////

Author:  gonzo|Uncle Bionic [ Sat Apr 02, 2011 11:01 am ]
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I had MULTIPLE perks today, probably all of 'em.

I was just playing for fun and after the round ended I gained ET promotion (with the sound), I changed class to special and took sniper. I didn't choose bendable, but I was still able to lean both ways normally. Then I realised that I moved VERY fast, so I had the perks I had earlier as Recon also. I had silencer too, even I hadn't choosed it.
:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

Super soldier.

Author:  Stealth [ Sat Apr 02, 2011 11:07 am ]
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If I may give some feedback.....

First off, I think the quality is top notch. Thank you for all your hard work.

In my opinion the gun is a bit big. Or the position of the gun looks strange (Also mentioned). If there was an option to change FOV or Gun Size either or, that would be great. Gun position doesn't seem to help.

I noticed that I get caught up a lot walking through doorways and up certain stairs. It seems like there is not enough room to maneuver in certain places. (I guess this is just map related)

It has been mentioned but when using the shotgun as secondary the lean disappears. I think lean should be a given instead of an option.

Finally the ability to test 3rd Party maps in CQB is next to impossible. I would like to see a sample map for mappers in the near future. Not a priority atm but I still would like it. =P

Just my two cents......

Author:  Tatti [ Sat Apr 02, 2011 12:16 pm ]
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Small think, but atleast on M110 reload animation, it looks like you are having 30 round mag. And back-up M590c should have less ammo and shorter range, becose it's short-barreled and back-up weapon.

Author:  jussi [ Sat Apr 02, 2011 3:23 pm ]
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Hitbox bug: i can't kill that dude what i see there, IF i dont shoot to knee.

Render bug: can't see the player in front of me.

But still i love this game already, thanks!

Author:  gonzo|Uncle Bionic [ Sat Apr 02, 2011 4:54 pm ]
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There are multiple spots in the map, where you cannot shoot enemy that you can clearly see. One is the spot near the huge pipe. If you are shooting through the broken brickwall. Also the metal rails near that hole have terrible way of working. Sometimes you can shoot whole clip through 'em and the guy behind doesnt die, sometimes it works well.

Author:  Alpha Red [ Sun Apr 03, 2011 4:10 am ]
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Just found out that the Glock 18 and the Mini-Uzi are not the best combination :lol:.

If you empty the Glock's magazine and then switch to the Uzi you have an empty magazine in the Uzi. Now when you reload either the Glock or Uzi, you have automatically reloaded the other. Also it seems that if you reload the Glock, you reload the Uzi as well and you only reload so many bullets into the Uzi (I think it'd be around 20 or so and not the full 32 or whatever).

Probably best to fix this one ;).

Author:  jussi [ Sun Apr 03, 2011 9:28 am ]
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I'm already addicted to this game! Playing the same map for hours. This is a project what you must finish!!

EDIT: Found "new" bug. You can jump without losing stamina like in TC:E. The crouch-thing.

EDIT: I don't like that you get your HP back by time.. It should be like in Q3TC that you start bleeding and you gotta bandage yourselft. Isn't that more realistic?

Why you can't knife while running??

Why you cant shoot while leaning and not in iron-sight??

Author:  Damien [ Sun Apr 03, 2011 9:45 pm ]
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The sound gets distorted when someone shoots near you, just like it happened with the bomb explosion in 0.48.

Author:  JagdKampf [ Sun Apr 03, 2011 9:56 pm ]
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hi all,
(> i moved that entry myself from the wishlist to this thread. Diane i think u should clean up the forum a little)

first impression is: very well done, with a lot of potential! -- thumbs up coroner Wink

now to the thinks i would like to see ( hear ):

- new sounds for: getting hit and dying ( screems maybee?). <- the game is too quiet, since the battle took place within some 20 meters - i would like to hear something from my victim Rolling Eyes

- new weaponsounds with more bass.

- new dying animations: <- u managed too remove the old weapon grip forehand bug, so i assume u are able to (maybee ragdoll?) modify the orig dying anim ... f.e in a way it indicates from where the bullet(s) came from ? >if i see a comrad going down right before me at a corner of a house , the way he is hitting ground may give me some location infos bout the enemy ( he falls to the left/rigt etc)

- more less accurate oldschool 'big punch weapons' for the terrorists (maybee the FNAL/G3 .. something u get on a parkistani backdoor market ...)<- the terrorists are little bit too modern equipped for my personal flavour... Very Happy giving them harder hitting weapons, and leave the quality technical advantage ( aka optical sights ) at the specops side, would generate a different roleplay for both teams. <- hard to balance though i know Sad

- new more open maps, where a team firefight could take place (with static frontlines f.e one team holds a side of a street the other team too...and for lets say , 5 mins there is no frontline moving just millions of bullets flying around -- something like that should be possible... the hole random spawn thing should be reworked ( like i red in post of other members, the would like to see a simliar adjusting to be made ).

>> im just trying to say: if this game focus on the closecombat then i would like to see(hear) more, wich takes me right into the the heat of the battle Laughing

Sorry for my bad english!

Greetings from Germany

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