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Author:  Eqpe [ Sun Jul 11, 2010 7:28 pm ]
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Dragonathan wrote:
Eqpe wrote:
Dragonathan wrote:
merlin1991 wrote:
this is one reason why cqb should allow custom content too :!:

are you kidding me?

We would loose these funny small things if we wouldn't allow custom content. So it's ofcourse a reason that makes sense

those funny small things you mean can lose new players because those funny small things you mean makes the game look ugly.

Are you kidding me?

Author:  Dragonathan [ Sun Jul 11, 2010 7:53 pm ]
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Damien wrote:
Besides, what you're suggesting in your serverlist mockup with official/custom buttons, is already done in the filter list. You just complicate it further by adding a separate server list.

but the official servers are not a default, it should be default, imo

Author:  Damien [ Sun Jul 11, 2010 8:27 pm ]
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Dragonathan wrote:
it should be default, imo
That's a much smaller adjustment than what you suggested but still not thought out completely.

As a default in most games (to my knowledge all actually), there is no such setting. So I guess someone could easily ignore the filter list and never see the unofficial servers.

Author:  SnaKeS3K [ Sun Jul 11, 2010 9:20 pm ]
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besides, you wont really find many official servers anyway, the one which actually has a regular player basis is heros standard. so you'd leave people with 1 server(and soem empty ones)...
just leave it as it is and add a clientside option for loading custom paks, nothing more needed imo

Author:  Dragonathan [ Mon Jul 12, 2010 7:24 pm ]
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Damien wrote:
If someone sees the characters dressed as soccer players and thinks that this is what the game actually looks like, he can't be helped and neither can those who find adjusting the most basic game settings tedious.

actually... it can be helped by disabling/removing 3rd party content,

im done here...

Author:  |2oss® [ Mon Jul 12, 2010 8:45 pm ]
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Heres the problem with completely removing the ability to add 3rd party content: YOU WONT HAVE A COMMUNITY. People want to participate with the games by making things of their own for it. Somehow making that contribution and giving the game a little bit more spice. Few months of people playing the same thing over and over again and people will leave. Why do you think AK47 server is almost full all the time. Because of the custom files. People are tired of playing the same stuff so if you think that getting rid of the ability to add custom crap will help the game or any game at all then you shouldn't be playing PUBLIC games. Stick to lan games.

Author:  Dragonathan [ Tue Jul 13, 2010 1:03 pm ]
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|2oss® wrote:
Heres the problem with completely removing the ability to add 3rd party content: YOU WONT HAVE A COMMUNITY.

there are allot of games that dont have 3rd party content that have way more players than TCE, i can name you one game is called warrock, there are more games that dont have 3rd party content and it has allot of players/community,

you wont lose the community

and about the frequent update, well there are not much new maps on warrock,
and yet it sustains allot of players.

Author:  |2oss® [ Tue Jul 13, 2010 1:43 pm ]
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Believe what you want to believe Dragon, this is not warrock nor is it a large community like that game. The fact remains tce only got this far because of the custom content. Great example is last Warleagues. Practically every official map was paired with custom maps to make it more interesting and so people would participate.

Author:  Eqpe [ Tue Jul 13, 2010 3:39 pm ]
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yep we do need the custom content

Author:  ]Wo0[ [ Wed Jul 14, 2010 8:27 pm ]
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coroner wrote:
I was picking up some discussion and views on whether TCE gains or looses due to the opportunity to have custom content (maps, etc ... ) on sv_official 0 servers.
I wanted to get some oppinions whether it could be an option for CQB to force sv_official 1 for dedicated Internet severs or to link it to sv_pure, which would basically prevent any modification of the game on public servers.
Cause I am not a friend of being so restrictive but (among other team members) also wanted to play the game in its official shape, we introduced sv_official back then, leaving the choice to server ops and gamers.
However, being able to use own content only in dev mode and to aim at an official inclusion (high quality contributions, particularly maps are always very wellcome) could also be an option.

What are the opinions? Please contribute.

just wonder how TCE survived that long with only 6 official maps ... thanks to custom content who even went into official events (league, nc).
Even custom weapons could have improved TCE a lot if all servers had used it (i think especially about matilda work).

So yes unless you make updates every 6 months with new maps and new weapons, we prefer to be able to add our custom content server side (and why not few things like weapons : client side)

Author:  gonzo|Uncle Bionic [ Wed Jul 14, 2010 9:16 pm ]
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custom content will be needed.
no, I don't explain why, I'm in a hurry.

Author:  RedRuM [ Thu Jul 15, 2010 6:29 pm ]
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Dragonathan wrote:
|2oss® wrote:
Heres the problem with completely removing the ability to add 3rd party content: YOU WONT HAVE A COMMUNITY.

there are allot of games that dont have 3rd party content that have way more players than TCE, i can name you one game is called warrock, there are more games that dont have 3rd party content and it has allot of players/community,

you wont lose the community

and about the frequent update, well there are not much new maps on warrock,
and yet it sustains allot of players.

Btw warrock haves custom weapons

If i remember right there was
Golden dragonuv, aks 74u,mini uzi, micro uzi (for knife) ninja knifes lol and other guns

And frozen explosive granades
But every of those are hacks because aks 74u was kick ass and stuff ninja knifes were pure ownage

Author:  [FanT]AsthMaTiK [ Thu Jul 15, 2010 10:20 pm ]
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IMO, we HAVE TO keep third party contents.
Dragon, what you want is uniformity, you even don't want to display empty servers, and you want to change the spectator's view to add a "profile" section...
You want informations on a player? You have already X-Fire of Facebook to spy you,
Be a bit more practical and less tyrannic: a too much ridgid game becomes quick boring.
And if you want so much to play on a non-modded server, setup one and play only on it :P

Third party content is the RICHNESS of games based on Quake3 Engine.
What is the interest to have uniform servers ?
Who will come on "naked" server without any any bonus ?
It would be better to have an icon "official" in the server list, or to add "official" in the sv_hostname.
Why to setup hundreds of clones ?

To do this would be the death of TC:E.

There are some suggestions I thought about for a lot of time:

- Add the possibility to allow global voice chats, like before.
Just disable it by default and offer a cvar to permit the server admin to allow them on demand.
It was a lot better in 0.48 when we had the possibility to salute people coming on servers.
It was a lot more friendly and the community was less stressed.
We have the possibility to restrict the number of voicechats emitted in a period of time.

- Allow change of g_gametype without to restart the server.
Once again, it is a freedom given to the server admin to setup a friendly fun server.

- Do progressive download like in W:ET, at least as a possibility/cvar.
We could download a map before to have to use it, so people wouldn't have to wait for the download of all third party content.

- Find a way to avoid "invalid .pk3".
To have the need to restart the game for an automatic PB kick after a failure of communication or loss of packets is quick boring.

- Include directly in the source code the gmScriptMod and some anti-cheat/exploit fixes we have to use with QMM (Dutchfix for example) or another way like my etadmin_mod patch.
One stage less would permit better performances.

- Block the illegal weapons by default (you already know these codes, you have them in source for debug/test purpose ;) ).
Offer a cvar to allow them for the "integrists" of non-modded servers :P

- Some logging stuff to permit servers to detect some actions done via script on the client side, for example special jumps...
In fact, all the actions which could be used to cheat/exploit.
It would avoid to do cvar scan via PB and to lag too much.

- To free the source code maybe ?
Oups, i said something stupid :P

Once again, third party content is a need.
And if some don't like it, they just have to clean their tcetest directory if they have downloaded other .pk3 :P

Author:  RedRuM [ Fri Jul 16, 2010 6:59 am ]
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3rd party stuff were big problem in my case

When i hmm over half year moved from tc to tce and played one match at londom server with shitty ping i chosed ak45 server..... Yea :roll: after that i had to stop playing because pb kicked me of the server (after download) and it said ilegal os priviledges.... I have windows vista. It said same on every server and if i started my own iron sight was *i-need-a-broader-vocab* up and thrown on left upper corner

I didnt want to reinstal tce because i had shit loads problem first example it didnt use resolution i set up it reseted settings, moved to windowed mode (even when full screen field was filled! And if i changed it then i only saw the edges of window) and so on
There was shit loads of dll files and i didnt see correct time when they were created so i lost my interest for a while. Then my friend instaled tce and i checked hes files and removed every other i had i still had some problems back after that (example resolution)

Lol i find only two offical servers and other was empty and other i lost (it wanished :o )

My story is good example why not allow because newbs who dont know anything about computers and have vista+same problem as i have will uninstal before they got into a server

So we need somekind of quality checking :D what i suggested earlier

I bet that is the story why we dont get many new newbs.... They use vista, there is no offical servers up with player, and the *i-need-a-broader-vocab* attack of crappy dll files

Author:  [FanT]AsthMaTiK [ Fri Jul 16, 2010 9:01 am ]
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If PB kicked you for OS Priviledges, it has NOTHING to do with third party stuff...
It's just because you entered the game as PB is activating ONLY when you join the server for real at event GAME_CLIENT_BEGIN (not during download).

About iron sight it can be because of a weapon pack indeed.
No need to reinstall, just remove the last .pk3 who could be responsible.
Unexperimented server admins can do "shit" of course.
Some add an "autoexec.cfg" in the root of the .pk3 which will change some parameters, i think it was the case for you.
Recently I went on a W:ET server which had a .pk3 contening one, and it was changing my rate to 45000 (and other stuff), for your windowed mode it comes surely from here too.
About .dll files, normally they aren't downloaded (unless they are in a .pk3 file), btw it could be a huge problem of security if it was the case.
And as TC:E isn't open source, it's hard to rebuild it with malicious stuff inside (but not impossible).
See more inside your etmain than in tcetest for such defects.

About Vista, most of the time, you have to start the game as Administrator in XP SP2/SP3 mode to solve the problem.
"Inadequate OS Priviledges" is self explainatory message.
It could happend with any game!

The ignorance of noObs isn't a reason to forbid the others to have the choice about their servers.
On the net, you have malicious scripts, phishing, activeX, trojans and others...
Should we return to the old good web with static pages, forbidding any stuff as flash, java or javascript just because some ignorants went on a porn/warez site and caught a virus ?

In any case of problem, this forum exists, and some in other languages for non-english speakers (I'm french and I'm used to help noObs on the french community forum).

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