Snow tactics (bc)
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Author:  it [ Thu Sep 14, 2006 4:18 pm ]
Post subject:  Snow tactics (bc)

it;s been a while, but as promised...

snow, basic BC tactic.


get on the offensive immediately. if you lag behind, you're sitting ducks for spawnkilling. make sure you have at least one person in the warehouse and near the objective box on defense, or have an assault on both sides.

defensive/offensive positions:
the boxes in the warehouse are fairly god, and if you position yourself properly, you can move unnoticed around the area.

the small room upstairs is also a good place to defend from, just make sure you lean out the door, and watch your back.

the container beween the warehouse and the spawn and the stairs near it are VERY good places to go on public servers, as, if done properly, it is very hard to hit you, though it is slightly time-consuming to get on. (to get on the stairs, simply jump on the railinng, then walk up until you can get on the stairs. to get on the container, jump on the railing [if you are on the stairs,jump downward onto the railing] then when you are equal or slightly above the containers roof, jump ontp it)

the crates near objective A are great cover.

the small area just off the specops rear spawn (the fenced in part) can be acessed very easily, and provides TONS of cover.simply climb the pipe beside the path to the spawn, and go along the ledge to the fence. (also note, that the boxes beside the fence can also be used, but they are much harder to do.) to get out, jump on the crates by the fence, then jump toward the fence, and you will climb onto a small ledge on the fence, then a quick hop is all that's needed to get out.

the small room across from teh warehouse (upstairs, along the path) is also a nice place to go, but beware of grenades thrown from the stairwell.


go forward fast. take the small room by the warehouse (the last offesnive spot listed, and possibly the one across from that) as fast as you can. also try to take the room across from obj A quickly, and do your best to hold it (I reccomend waiting in the open room beside the door (not in front. it is penetrable by bullets,me and my teammates have died there many times.) and wait for the terrors to come out, into your LOF. (also note, if they attempt to flashbang you, you should look into the corner, it is your best bet to avoid being blinded.

defensive/offensive spots

the fenced area by the spawn back door is also good for you. simply use the fence for cover , and look over to the small courtyard. also sitting on the ledge over the entry is good.

the roof by your main exit is also a great place. it allows access to a few neat places too. just don't go on the twin pipes. they end rather abruptly.
to get up, simply climb the pipe near the main exit.

the space between the boxes and the metal wall across from the warehouse are often overlooked, but are a prime spot. often, you can get kills through the small crack.


the small roof directly across from objective A is a great place for a sniper or accurate rifleman. if you take fire, simply go prone, and camp by the ladder (ready to shot any enemies that come up)

the room across from the small exit from the terror spawn (mentioned as parts that both terror and specops need) are very nice for cover, just simply watch the small door leading in, and you're fine.

spawn camp breaking:

your best bet is to just rush one side. if the brunt is comeing from the small exit, rush the warehouse. if it is equal, do your best to take the warehouse. then you should be home free. just make sure you defend all areas.

specops: you have a bit of a challenge. your best bet is to rush out of both the main gate, and the small side door (inside the small fencing in your spawn) and rush any campers, than to take the other area. it is the hardest to take when being camped properly.

if you absolutely must, throw at least 2 flashbangs at them (remember to prime them for TWO seconds. then quickly look away) and maybe a frag, then rush out. make sure you sweep thouroughly.(<sp?).

I might revise later.

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