Just found something interesting an engine that could work.
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Author:  ztealmax [ Sat May 03, 2014 9:34 pm ]
Post subject:  Just found something interesting an engine that could work.

Hi all just stumbled upon this and i just had to whistle opensource fps engine
might just be that engine thats needed for TCE to be continued
its simple, its free, and its simular to wolfet. (the way its setup what i can gather)

So this was just something i needed to say as i found it and it looked promising

 A modern OpenGL version 3 compliant renderer.
    Special effects, including bloom, rim lighting, motion blur, heat haze, and color grading.
    MD5 models with skeletal animation and procedural animation blending.
    Support for normal, specular, glow, and gloss texture maps.
    Navmesh-based bots utilizing behavior trees.
    Localization support with several community-produced translations already available.

and i just couldnt resist to do that noobish thing and drop tcetest folder inside the gamefolder and try and start mod, and it actually started to load but crapped up after it loaded stuff not compatible with the engine, anyway this is just a headsup.

Do what you want, ignore it, or dont :)

Im just hoping for a working mod for opensource fps that works as great as original TCE
just loved it


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