Accessories of the Head
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Author:  General L33t [ Thu Jul 21, 2005 1:08 am ]
Post subject:  Accessories of the Head

In ET when you shot a person in the head their helmet flew off.

Are you planning on making the nifty orange glasses/helmets/mics fly off when shot in the head?

Author:  flyhead(cn) [ Thu Jul 21, 2005 9:45 am ]
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head poppin don work nowadays, them *i-need-a-broader-vocab* SWAT bitches got them velcro n locks n shit.. only a deagle or ar or sniper will take it off..

Author:  General L33t [ Thu Jul 21, 2005 11:29 pm ]
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eh... its a game

It's just so satisfying to see the helmet come off in ET, i think there should be SOMETHING that comes off the player model when its a headshot.

Author:  flyhead(cn) [ Fri Jul 22, 2005 7:27 am ]
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lol i dont get ehadshots much but it would be aweseome to see an eye or smth fall off :lol:

Author:  XenoKiLLer [ Sun Oct 15, 2006 4:55 pm ]
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Brains fly off or out anyway.

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