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 Post subject: Movement 101
PostPosted: Sat Nov 11, 2006 6:38 pm 

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In TC:E there are many movement techniques and using them efficiently is important to playing. This guide breaks down all the moves in TC:E and how to use them to get around quickly and without taking fire.

Golden Rules

Always look around you. FFS look before you leap!

As soon as that sprint bar empties, get out your primary weapon and get back to a normal jog. This only reduces your speed by a tiny bit and means you are always ready should an enemy appear.

Taking fire? get out of it! Hit the deck (prone), run for cover, get indoors. Anything to not die.

Remember that you cannot be heard if you walk or use iron sights and crouch. Useful when you want to jump enemies or get to a camp unoticed, especially in areas where there is a distinct sound for an area (for example, you can tell if someone is moving around above you in the warehouse in northport because of the distinct metallic noise). This also means you yourself should use your ears.

Efficient Leaning

Leaning is the most important move in the game. It means you can shoot people round corners. It means you must lean every corner. Think about it, if you don't lean, you've already exposed half of your body before you can actually see round the corner. With leaning, your opponent is visible to you straight away and the playing field is level.

When you approach a corner (or whatever it is you want to lean around) turn into the lean. This means you can see all the way around the area as you enter the lean rather than walking up to the wall, staring at it, strafing a few feet left then leaning. If you play like that, you can only see infront of you. And it's slower. And it means you're facing a wall, which means you are easy to jump.

Crouching and leaning is very effective. Learn to do it.


Maybe Gobbo should write this bit...

Proning is a move that doesn't get featured in many FPS games, but it is useful in many situations. The most obvious one is it makes you harder to spot when in certain camps. It also makes you more accurate. Proning isn't advisable when not camping or taking cover because you cannot move an shoot.

There are however some unorthadox exceptions...

Proning in a pile of bodies makes you difficult to spot.

The most fun unorthadox proning technique is a close combat dodge. As soon as you run into an enemy (round a corner for example) hit the deck and shoot upwards. It's not always the best move as it leaves you exposed for a few seconds but against a sprinting enemy it can be deadly. Gobbo is amazing at this XD.


Sprint faster and for longer by arming the knife

Sprinting is something that should be used only in certain circumstances. These are

At the beginning of a round to get to a key area before the enemy.

To run for cover

To run across an area of heavy fire

To avoid splash damage from a grenade

TO give yourself increased distance on a jump

To catch up with a fleeing enemy. Never chase an opponent round a corner though. When you chase someone you lose sight of where other enemies may be. Not chasing an enemy is an important discipline in any FPS.

If you restrict yourself to other movement types in other situations it is usually for the best. Nothing is more annoying than being killed because you're sprinting.

Other moves

The other most important move in the game is the sprinting reload. Use it whenever a firefight goes wrong - just make sure you hit reload and then begin sprinting.

Freeclimbing is new to TC:E. Use it to get to vantage points.

Learn to use ladders quickly (espcecially on the way down). Just fall off normally then grab the ladder at the last minute.

When using the knife, crouch before you attack. This means that the enemy can't unexpectedly duck the attack and means you have a greater target area. And if crouch and slash fails, prone and slash at the ankles!

Hope that helped a bit :D

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PostPosted: Sat Nov 11, 2006 11:50 pm 

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Excellent guide pwnstar, pleasure to read.

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PostPosted: Thu Nov 16, 2006 5:45 am 
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