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Author:  $omator [ Fri Oct 30, 2009 11:58 am ]
Post subject:  [nC]FailCake / [nC]Asylum

As we all know those two individuals are rshook users and get undisputed joy on crashing TCE servers. FYI:

Image [nC]Failcake
From: Helsingborg, Sweden
Known GUIDS:

Known IP addresses (dynamic):

Image [nC]Asylum
From: Van Nuys, USA
Known GUID:

Known IP address (could be dynamic):

[11:53] [nC]Failcake: whoa
[11:53] [nC]Failcake: i love your server <3
[11:53] ak47|$0m@7or: hey hacker
[11:53] ak47|$0m@7or: why?
[11:53] [nC]Failcake: easy to hack the shit and Pb = Epic fail :)
[11:53] [nC]Failcake: hack and hack just typing an command in the console lol
[11:53] ak47|$0m@7or: easy to hack? not any more
[11:53] [nC]Failcake: haha
[11:54] ak47|$0m@7or: and pb? yea EPIC fail
[11:54] ak47|$0m@7or: well you have any more crashing commands?
[11:54] ak47|$0m@7or: show your skills :)
[11:54] [nC]Failcake: you know that Etbot and Rshook is undedetected since 2003? both from xray/pb and al the else :)
[11:54] ak47|$0m@7or: yea i know
[11:54] ak47|$0m@7or: ive found your profile on netcoders forum and saw screenshots
[11:55] ak47|$0m@7or: personaly i tell you its no fun playing with both of them
[11:55] [nC]Failcake: haha re you too an nC costumer? :O
[11:56] ak47|$0m@7or: no your profile is kinda public
[11:56] [nC]Failcake: aha yeah i never changed that shit :)
[11:56] ak47|$0m@7or: well im amazed by ebot abilities
[11:56] ak47|$0m@7or: saw those videos
[11:56] ak47|$0m@7or: amazing but not fair :)
[11:57] [nC]Failcake: haha then you has too see Rshook , Rshook is 1000 times better
[11:58] ak47|$0m@7or: IS RSHOOk on those vimeo videos or is it ebot
[11:59] [nC]Failcake: send a link
[11:59] ak47|$0m@7or: sec
[12:00] ak47|$0m@7or: [...zzzZZZ]
[12:02] [nC]Failcake: that is rshook
[12:02] ak47|$0m@7or: nice models / skins :))
[12:03] [nC]Failcake: haha that one is one etbot too :)
[12:03] [nC]Failcake: we can make so you is small hitlers/grich/reaper
[12:03] [nC]Failcake: and can manualy add new skins :)
[12:03] ak47|$0m@7or: \m/
[12:03] ak47|$0m@7or: i want those models on server
[12:03] ak47|$0m@7or: :)
[12:04] ak47|$0m@7or: ive read about both rshook and ebot
[12:04] [nC]Failcake: haha you aint gonna get em ;)
[12:04] ak47|$0m@7or: unless ill create an account
[12:04] ak47|$0m@7or: ;]
[12:04] [nC]Failcake: nope
[12:04] ak47|$0m@7or: :<
[12:04] [nC]Failcake: you know that Etbot and Rshook isn't for free?
[12:04] [nC]Failcake: Rshook = 100 Euro
[12:04] [nC]Failcake: Etbot = 20 euro
[12:05] ak47|$0m@7or: well thats only good part on working cheats - aint free
[12:05] [nC]Failcake: and you only can buy Rshook if ya is *Freind* with the owner ;)
[12:05] ak47|$0m@7or: lol tell me is it true that rshook turns off when pb makes screenshot?
[12:05] [nC]Failcake: there are free hacks on other sites but they aren't good they suck and they are aint pb proof :)
[12:06] ak47|$0m@7or: or something like that?
[12:06] ak47|$0m@7or: i always wondered why ss are clean
[12:06] [nC]Failcake: i can tell you this that when it is an PBSS then pb aint can see the pic :)
[12:06] ak47|$0m@7or: then not turning off but striping from "addons" i get the idea
[12:07] ak47|$0m@7or: thats fail
[12:07] [nC]Failcake: more or less yeah ,
[12:07] [nC]Failcake: :)
[12:07] ak47|$0m@7or: well anyone using those is lame
[12:07] [nC]Failcake: is it xray or anti you are using now ? :)
[12:08] ak47|$0m@7or: hmm?
[12:08] [nC]Failcake: insteed of pb
[12:08] [nC]Failcake: ohh wait i see that you still use PB just and mod of PB insteed
[12:08] ak47|$0m@7or: pb is the only way to protect in et
[12:08] ak47|$0m@7or: :(
[12:08] ak47|$0m@7or: that sucks bad
[12:09] [nC]Failcake: haha :D
[12:09] ak47|$0m@7or: and nc is always 3 steps ahead of pb
[12:09] ak47|$0m@7or: or more
[12:09] [nC]Failcake: then you aint gonna step us ;)
[12:09] ak47|$0m@7or: pb aint me
[12:09] ak47|$0m@7or: :)
[12:09] [nC]Failcake: not even with an subnet ban ;) i got an new ip and subnet ban when i restart the internet conection ;)
[12:10] ak47|$0m@7or: well what can we do
[12:10] ak47|$0m@7or: we cant just let you hack on server
[12:10] ak47|$0m@7or: :)
[12:11] [nC]Failcake: it is an big diffrence to hack and cheat!
[12:11] ak47|$0m@7or: i meant chtn
[12:11] [nC]Failcake: and the crash shit it is just an command in the console lol
[12:11] ak47|$0m@7or: you know best that youve tryed yestarday couple times and it was an epic fail :)
[12:12] [nC]Failcake: You know that it is an new addition on Etbot and Rshook that gonna make your reff unavabile? :)
[12:12] ak47|$0m@7or: atm we are potected against your command try something new :)
[12:12] ak47|$0m@7or: nope, never used any of hacks
[12:12] [nC]Failcake: i saw that yesterday :(
[12:12] [nC]Failcake: gonna find out the others , gonna take a talk with asylum :D
[12:12] ak47|$0m@7or: back in the days in my 286 pc with 40mb ram i was editing saves thats all y hackin
[12:13] ak47|$0m@7or: asylum was on server yestarday
[12:13] ak47|$0m@7or: got banned tho ;]
[12:13] [nC]Failcake: haha that aint stopping him ;)
[12:13] ak47|$0m@7or: well sure
[12:13] ak47|$0m@7or: anybody knowing basics know how to change shit to reconnect
[12:13] [nC]Failcake: he gotted ban from fragland on tce 0.48 the SC's server 40 times ;)
[12:14] ak47|$0m@7or: its pb that sucks not protecting
[12:14] [nC]Failcake: lol do ya think it is easy to change the subnet ? the real addres to the pc?
[12:14] ak47|$0m@7or: =)
[12:14] [nC]Failcake: you guys never gonna stop us :)
[12:15] [nC]Failcake: the way Rshook and Etbot is created never gonna made it detacted :)
[12:15] [nC]Failcake: btw gonna goo cya :)
[12:15] ak47|$0m@7or: that suck and we can just ban you temporary

Author:  simons [ Sun Nov 01, 2009 7:54 pm ]
Post subject: 

Better be careful with ETAdmin_mod - this is what those *i-need-a-broader-vocab* did on MASSA BC server:

Image Image

Author:  merlin1991 [ Sun Nov 01, 2009 10:17 pm ]
Post subject: 

well thats easy

guid spoofing

etadmin mod works based on guid, get an admin get his guid, spoof it, there you go

Author:  Alpha Red [ Mon Nov 02, 2009 3:38 am ]
Post subject: 

Ya, Martyy was getting pissed off in IRC trying to figure it out. Its taking him away from his rigging :(.

Author:  ]Wo0[ [ Mon Nov 02, 2009 2:18 pm ]
Post subject: 

[11:54] [nC]Failcake: you know that Etbat and Rsfool is undedetected since 2003? ...

History told us the contrary some players got caught some times (in ET or TCE) with cvars (mostly cause of cfg), binds (+attack -attack or any kind of included binds) or by PB (VIOLATION Multihack #79342 or Gamehack #80332).
This had to be told.

btw, listing IP is pointless if it comes to dynamic IPs.
The ranges mostly means nothing : do a simple test at pbbans, you will find yourself linked to games you never played ; this just might end in flaming wrong players.

About this et_admin_mod issue, i think there was a fix (worth a search @ pbbans), else better to disable it ; main reason force stopped using it since it wasnt safe.

Author:  [nC]Failcake [ Mon Nov 02, 2009 3:39 pm ]
Post subject: 

You Gotta Love The Fear We Are Creating :)

Lol Etbot/Rshook has never been detected for Multihack or someting else in that kind!

That cvar shit it has been detected for is becuse some noobs dosn't
knowed how to Undetected it ;(

It is the warth from [nC] that you guys are feeling and you huys know that you aint gonna stop us but hey you can make an trye :)

Im gonna have an *civil* talk with ya if let me lul

Cya On .49 :D

Author:  Mr_Tiny [ Mon Nov 02, 2009 3:42 pm ]
Post subject: 

*i-need-a-broader-vocab* annoying idiots doing this, i was in i think SeF server, a guy came, im trying to remember the name, began with S and it was simple like 'Struggle' or something, he said something threatening then the server went down, i was like.. eh?

Sort these guys out :([/quote]

Author:  ]Wo0[ [ Mon Nov 02, 2009 3:51 pm ]
Post subject: 

[nC]Failcake wrote:
Lol Etbat/Rsfool has never been detected for Multihack or someting else in that kind!

I feel sorry about your ignorance failcake, maybe you are new :?

This is a quote from old website :
Pansemuckl @ Sun 23rd March 2008 wrote:
(...) After a while I found out what rsfool got detected for:

Game: ET v2.60
PB: version (add)
Violation: #80332
Signature dump:
Offset 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 A B C D E F
00000000 2C 20 22 52 69 66 6C 65 20 41 69 6D 20 50 72 65 , "Rifle Aim Pre
00000010 64 69 63 74 69 6F 6E 3A 22 00 diction:".

About etbat we at least can get the exemple of a known tce player : (having +attack -attack bind in our server logs before it got checked).

Mr_Tiny wrote:
*i-need-a-broader-vocab* annoying idiots doing this, i was in i think SeF server, a guy came, im trying to remember the name, began with S and it was simple like 'Struggle' or something, he said something threatening then the server went down, i was like.. eh?
Sort these guys out :(

=> ... php?t=1941

Author:  simons [ Mon Nov 02, 2009 3:57 pm ]
Post subject: 

[nC]Failcake wrote:
You Gotta Love The Fear We Are Creating :)

Heh, you are only nC customer, your skills in programming/scripting don't even exist, so stop using "We" form. You can only buy some shit and run it - that's your skills. Anarchy? Bullshit.

Author:  $omator [ Mon Nov 02, 2009 4:00 pm ]
Post subject: 

[nC]Failcake OWNED

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