Flickering + some other
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Author:  evilleader91 [ Sat Sep 30, 2006 2:46 pm ]
Post subject:  Flickering + some other

This is soo shite. I played TC 6 months ago, on FU:: graphics no lagg at all.

I dont lag at full graphic, but some walls are flickering, if I go to a special location I will see other textures than the wall there. In in the map obj_village, when i see trees it seems fcked up.

Ive tried to lower the graphics, didnt help at all!

System specs:

Geforce 4200 TI (Love it)
450 GB S-ata HDD (40 GB used up)
AMDAthlon 1.70 GhZ
Asus motherboard

I could play Truecombat without any flickering before, tried it now, it flickers + some other glue like shit. Screen:

This hangs me up, I cant damnit play. If my graphic card is overclocking, how to disable the overclock. PLEASE I NEED MAJOR HELP!

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