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 Post subject: A note of advise from Hoak - Everyone pls READ! ty
PostPosted: Fri Jul 28, 2006 1:33 am 
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The Developers of this mod do it as a hobby!

I've worked on six Mod Teams and two commercial games and I have to tell you; even a professional game Dev Team of thirty, working full-time and being paid could not possibly implement a tiny fraction of the suggestions on this forum -- even if the posts were better organized and ledgible.

If you think a Hobby Mod Team is going to weed through a mess like this to read your 'Pet Wish' your fooling yourselves... The fact that most of the posts here are so poorly written they barely resemble English taught at the 3rd grade level, that nearly every thread meanders so far off topic it's ridiculous, and that it would take even a motivated Dev Team that desired reading this sort of thing more time to read this barely readable cocatination of jabber then they actually have to work on the mod -- should, I would hope, raise Fan concern here for getting forum post priorities in order.

Mod and Game Developers are not bored kids with lots of spare time to read forums... In fact they're typically very productive, results oriented people that seek the company and interaction of similar people. If you want your suggestions read, no less considered, no less implemented -- I suggest you:

1. Write Clearly

Use sentences with correct English Grammar, spelling, and punctuation (or at least try). Many of the TC:E Dev Team are not native English speakers, and your slang, misspellings, horrid grammar, sloppy formating, and gibber-jabber make for posts they can barely understand. If you can't take the time to write a good, clear, literate post and spell check it -- why should a Game Developer take the time to bother trying to decipher what you're saying?

2. Prioritize

I would bet money that less then three valid suggestions in these fourms could in a reasonable amount of time be implemented in TC:E -- there just aren't the Developer resources of time and talent... So it would be prudent to decide on what's important to you and focus on that. Better yet find out what's important that others seem to agree on and focus on that.

2. Stay On Topic

Don't digress, socialize, personalize in game design threads... The reasons should be obvious; the more crap you add, the less readable and functional a thread becomes as a good game design discussion and possible reference material for a Dev Team. There are plenty of other sub forums you can carry on in detail about you're personal preferences, life crisis, or attack your favorite forum nemesis in...

Of course you're welcome to post here pretty much as you please; I'm only making a constructive suggestion, but it's from first hand experience and if this is a Mod you really care about -- it's something you might want to take to heart and give the Dev Team back as much as they're giving you by making your posts here more of a contribution and less of an "About me, my pet wishes, and brilliant ideas..."...

Do what you will...

--by hoak

-the old thread was far too cluttered.. this is for new members to read anyway.

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Forum locked This topic is locked, you cannot edit posts or make further replies.  [ 1 post ] 

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