True University story - Please read !!!
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Author:  Heretic [ Fri Mar 24, 2006 4:21 pm ]
Post subject:  True University story - Please read !!!

University life, oh the sweetness of the time that we can waste and not regret doing it.

Here is the story which made me and my friends laugh for hours non stop.

I'm renting out a house with three of my good friends in a town of Cambridge. We have quite a mix, one black (Person A), one ginger (Person B), one Turkish (Person C) and there is me, the crazy Russian.

One beautiful evening, my mate (Guest) from the university came over our house and brought alot of beer. None of us wanted to drink, so he indulged himself in all ten pints of fosters. Long story short - he passed out. And then the idea came to our heads...

Person A went out to the shop to get some cigarettes and left his room unlocked. So what do we do? We put our passed-out guest under Person A bed and return watching Family Guy.

Person A returns and joins us for a while, then goes away to sleep.

We all forgotten of whatever happend and peacefully went to our rooms to sleep.

3:15AM. I hear a terrifying scream. "Sounds like our dear guest" - I thought. I come out of my room and look to the top of the stairs - I could not believe what I was seeing.

Our beloved guest, in his boxers, flying down the stairs head first and at the top of the stairs, stands person A... Completely naked!

After about half an hour pissing ourselves from seeing this, we decided to find out what actually happend.


It worked out that when our guest woken up under the bed, he thought he was at home, so he undressed himself and crawled under the covers and to his surprise found himself in bed with naked black guy.

Hell, if that happend to me, I'd cry. He laughed and so did we, all night!


Heh, the stuff that we do. There was the time when I ended up in a tend on our driveway, with my friend, dressed in females clothes and full make-up. Lipstick marks on both of us. But that would be too embarrassing to tell.


Cheers for reading. I hope that story brightened up someones mood.


My sexuality is like stick in water. It may seem bent, but it is STRAIGHT.

Author:  it [ Sun Mar 26, 2006 5:32 pm ]
Post subject: 

it was tastless, you cruel bastard, but I laughed! and it needs pics...

I put need pics for my vote...

can you say,

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