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Author:  XenoKiLLer [ Tue Aug 15, 2006 4:58 pm ]
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Northport needs to have it's specops enclosed maybe inside a warehouse extended from it's current location. Also, since it takes them time to get to the hotzones, they should be able to defend from their spawn zone.

Author:  fixception [ Tue Aug 15, 2006 8:26 pm ]
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I agree that Northport is a camper-happy map. There are just so many spots, you can only be good at thwarting them through experience. Otherwise, the map becomes another meat grinder.

Some nice tips to take in Northport:
- Do the 3-story throw if you're sure people are camping there. It tends to be very devastating.
- When in doubt, chuck a nade. If you die, you can count on some hot-headed nut running over your bomb.
- Waste no time in flushing out the Specops-side warehouse. Take it piece by piece:
1) Enter from the big entrace to the SpecOps side, and watch the corners as you move in. Use a flashbang if you must. Don't count on surviving if somebody's sitting at the stairs though.
2) Enter through the ladder route if you're sure that nobody's sitting by it. Campers tend to focus as a body on either one side or the other, so pick the one that they're not looking at.

- The one shipping container at the terrorist side is becoming a favorite sniper camping point. Approach through the room with wooden boxes with a cooked nade ready. He's not likely to watch that side. Make sure all campers on THAT side are dead too.

All in all, the best strategy against a camper: DON'T FEED HIM. My entire strategy in TCE is based upon taking alternate routes and attacking campers from the back. Behind the frontlines, players never expect an enemy, and tend to sprint all the way, which gives you about half a second ahead to react.

Author:  XenoKiLLer [ Tue Aug 15, 2006 8:54 pm ]
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Most camping is done by the terrorist side because the map is more defensible from where they spawn while on the other hand they can easily spawnkill specops through the wire fence. and camp around the various objects right outside specops spawn which also appear to be just in the righ position for the tango team to camp.

Author:  -Aequitas- [ Tue Aug 15, 2006 10:17 pm ]
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Well heres some pics of the "basic" areas in the map Village.

1-Spec ops spawn


Tip1: Never run out in the open like a bunny, keep you're calm and stay on aim mode most of the time. If you want to make it fast to the action ( hotspots ) then go to you're left on the image and take to first route you see or the one after( it leads to the same area, if you take the one after you will walk by the objective B).

There will be a big house with a window (run to it and stay side by side with the wall, because the enemy can come out of the doorway next to the window on top of you). There is a under path next to you (under the big house). Enemies can come thru there so be prepared.

There is also a ladder close to the house, if you take it and go on the roof, you can sometimes kill a couple of terrorist, but watch out because they can see you ass well.

When you get to the house, you can also take the route on the far left (its right after the barrel by the stairway. Be careful if you take this route, because the enemy can pop right in your face (most people run to take that route).

Tip2: This a different route for people who like to take their time. For this route go to you're right on the pic. Now there are 4 routes you can see. The first one is on you're left (there is a white sheet on a wall). The second is a walkway under a medium sized building. The third one is after the building (it’s a walkway between 2 buildings). The fourth route is on your far right( if you take it, you will go thru a long walkway that turns and leads to the open or a doorway, if you take the door you will get to the objective A)

2-Terrorist spawn


Tip1: If you want to get to the action quickly (hotspots). Then run up the stairs in front of you. Once you are inside the house SLOW DOWN, now walk with aim mode on and turn to you're right. You will be in a small room with a window and a ramp in front of you. Check out the window to see if there is enemies outside (be careful there a much snipers in that area.

The second route for people that like quick action. Just run forward until you see an underpass in front of you and an other underpass on you're right. Personally the underpass in front of you is suicide if you’re are not an expert. So take the one on you're right. Once you past the underpass you will se black boxes on you're right and an alley to you’re left. Take the alley, but be careful. Walk until you get out of the alley, be cautious because you are in the open.

Tip2: This is for people who like to be wise and take there time. Go to you're left (see second pic) and run until you get into the grass area. If you are a stealth person you will see a broken window in the building to you're right, go in the window BUT BE CARFUL. Keep going forward until you get to the other window. Once you have exited the building go to you're left, you will se a long fence with a hole. Go thru the hole and you will see a building (the objective A is inside).

For the others that are not recon people, just keep going forward in the grass area, but keep your eyes on the fence after the building to you're right( the enemies can come thru there). Once you past the grass Area there is a big hole in the wall Go inside, in front of you there is a piece of metal. Walk on it and go to the second floor. Then just keep walking and then turn to you left. The objective A should be right in front of you.

Tip3: this is just a normal route for average players. At you're spawn go forward until you see a doorway in front of the staircase. Go inside, once you see the exit, BE CARFUL... this area is open wide so stay on you're guard. Once you are outside of the building you were in, stay on aim mode and keep you're eyes open for the rooftop in front of you and the windows in the building that you are facing. If you make it to the building( in front of you) crouch under the wooden walkway and go left until you fall in a staircase. Once you made it to the staircase walk and turn left in the doorway. Walk up the stairs and go around the wall in front of you and turn right. Be careful, watch all over and stay on aim mode. There will be a Cargo thing beside you, walk past by it and go in the area in front of you. There should be a bunch of black boxes stacked one on each other, go past them and the objective B should be there.

2- Objective (A)


Tip-To get to the Objective A as a Spec Ops: Go to you're right (see first pic) and run past the walkway on you're left, pass the wooden house and when you get to the alley Slow down. Walk till you get to a doorway. Go in the doorway and keep walking past the fence and you will see a stairway, keep walking forward. Take the stairs and you will see the objective in front of you.

Tip-To get to the Objective A as a Terrorist: Got to you're left (see second pic) and run in the grass field past the building. You will see a hole in the wall. Go inside, in front of you there is a piece of metal. Walk on it and go to the second floor. Then just keep walking and then turn to you left. The objective A should be right in front of you.

3- Objective (B)


Tip-To get to the Objective B as a Spec Ops: Go to you're left (from spec ops spawn_see pic 1) walk past the alley to you're right. You will se a bunch on black boxes stacked on top of each other, walk towards them and you will see the objective B.

Tip-To get to the Objective B as a Terrorist: From you're spawning (see pic2) Run forward and turn to you right when you see an underpass (under a building). There will be a small area with black boxed stacked on one each other, walk past them until you see a alley. Go thru the alley, BE CARFUL and continue walking with aim mode on. Once you get into an open area keep you're eyes open for enemies. The Objective should be to you Right. Just turn right when u get out of the alley. Now You will be facing a building, go to its right and walk forward, the objective B should be there.

I don't think the pics will help much, but anyways... Oh and sorry if theres any mistakes...

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