Bullet Penetration?
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Author:  JarheaD [ Mon Nov 14, 2005 4:18 pm ]
Post subject:  Bullet Penetration?

Was just curious if anyone knew which weapons ingame could shoot through some of the thinner materials on maps like wooden crates, solid fences, etc.
I imagine most if not all the sniper rifles could get through some of the fences and stuff but Im more curious which assault rifles and submachine guns can do it. Is distance a factor when trying shoot through anything? Thanks in advance for the help, Im just tired of taking cover behind the nearest crate or thin fence only to be shot through it instead. hehe ;)

Author:  killer bee [ Mon Nov 14, 2005 11:38 pm ]
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mp 45 can penetrate, i once sprayed a magazine into a crate with a terrorist behind it forty feet away, and he was dead. semi-dependent on range (probably), i have tested rifles, crates differ in makeup (i think). sniper rifles have maximum penetration. best way to figure it out is experimenting in railhouse, using u magazines firing into crates and stuff. i would be interested in some schematics and statistics o weapo penetration (i once shot a terrorist and saw the bullet hurt the terrorist behind him. i want to see hard dataf :?

Author:  kozak6 [ Tue Nov 15, 2005 2:39 am ]
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MP-45?!?!?!? There is no such weapon in game. There is the UMP in .45 ACP, though.

Submachineguns and shotguns can only penetrate something like half a crate. If you shoot a crate straight on, it won't penetrate. If you shoot it at an angle, it will go through sometimes depending on how the shot is lined up.

Assault rifles will go straight through a crate.

Sniper rifles can shoot through thin walls.

Author:  JarheaD [ Tue Nov 15, 2005 3:06 am ]
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Awesome, thanks kozak! Anyone know if distance plays a role in penetration as well or not?

Author:  kozak6 [ Tue Nov 15, 2005 7:19 am ]
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No, I don't believe so.

Author:  XenoKiLLer [ Tue Nov 15, 2005 11:14 pm ]
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as i have done before, the sr8 and r93 can really punch through thin materials easily, and even through 2 people. the psg on the other hand is less powerful but seems to recoil alot lower than the other 2. as for the other sniper rifles, im not used to using them. Except for the SPR, which is quite common in America's Army, as it is a standard issue SF sniper rifle. It packs quite a punch but is really heavy to move around.

Author:  kozak6 [ Wed Nov 16, 2005 3:47 am ]
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The SPR is very interesting in TCE if you can somehow manage to save up the AA you need to use it. Low sway, low recoil, low noise, and assault rifle damage. It's relatively easy to land two shots on an enemy rather quickly.

Author:  XenoKiLLer [ Wed Nov 16, 2005 12:04 pm ]
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thats true.

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