Explosive Munitions
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Author:  hoak [ Fri Sep 09, 2005 12:10 pm ]
Post subject:  Explosive Munitions

Since the vision after flashbang thread has been trolled to death and disfunction; I thought there should at least be a thread about munitions in games that starts from an objective premise.

Arcade/Action munitions are typically low powered, splash damage weapons that suffer various issues in Fan appreciation due to attempts to create 'balance' in a weapon that in the real world is designed to require as little skill from its operator as possible, and obviate the skill of its intended target(s) as much as possible. The other issue is that Arcade/Action Developers feel the need to allow every player access to every weapon in the game, allowing more explosive munition in a small area then would ever even be in any SWAT or Spec Ops armory in entire...

One of the best ways to 'balance' explosive munitions in both Arcade/Action and Tactical Realism games is to ration them realistically. In the real world every man in a squad does not carry explosive munitions, and as has been exhaustively discussed elsewhere rarely would HE grenades or even breech tactics and Flash-Bangs be used in environments like those presented in TC:E maps, and never in the quantities offered... But, I accept that Arcade/Action Developers often feel fraught with the need to placate and give everyone in the fantasy based gaming audience what they want regardless of the realism that's completely obviated and the game design issues that can not be resolved without really histrionic magic...

Personally I do not care how fantastic, magical or bizarre True Combat: Elite's explosive munition implementation is, what I do care about, is that True Combat: Elite's Mod-On-Mod support, and G_Realism feature supports the option for Mod-On-Mod Developers to offer:

· realistic squad based weapon assignment
· damage, radius and decay vars
· punish, kick, ban vars for TK and play abuse

In the event this is not offered I would at least hope for the option to lock weapons from use on a map, this has the added advantage of allowing for things like 'Pistols Only' servers etc..

But Tactical Realism Fans, and crossover Fans that are just looking for more realism in games, would like to see more realistic limitations... This audience is not fraught with the need for instant gratification (we've waited for a new game engine to mod for nearly six years). The Tactical Realism genre is primarily about Tactics and Realism, not: fast gratification, not mass murder, spam, and definately not about getting to play with some magical fantasy armory with every weapon on the planet or the ability to win access to it by Casino buying and magical weapon rewards -- to use them in preposterous scenarios... Maybe True Combat: Elite will never offer Mod-On-Mod Developers the means to offer realistic:

· scale weapon performance and handling metrics
· scale level designs that integrate realistic missions
· fire teams and squads, with realistic weapon issue

And maybe even if it does, True Combat: Elite won't attract enough Tactical Realism talent to exploit the features, though I'm confident it would... And I hope the Mod-On-Mod, and G_Realism features are incorporated and fully implemented as described...


Author:  TheDamned [ Fri Sep 09, 2005 12:57 pm ]
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You're free to think whatever you want, but please desist starting these new, long-winded threads. Because while the above is your opinion, you have no right to force it upon the rest of this community.

Author:  hoak [ Fri Sep 09, 2005 2:38 pm ]
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TheDamned wrote:
You're free to think whatever you want, but please desist starting these new, long-winded threads.[ Because while the above is your opinion, you have no right to force it upon the rest of this community.

Even if the premise of your troll post and insults were correct, which it is not; what is it that leads you to believe you should you be allowed to for 'force your opinions on the community', and I not be allowed to express mine?

And where do you feel you get the authority to dictate to anyone on these fourms what they should and should not post when literally every post you've made to these forums is in abrogation of the Forum Policy you accepted when you registered and started posting to these fourms?

Coroner has already acknowledged the desire and intention to incorporate Mod-On-Mod feature script and the G_Realism features when I previously suggested them... If you have nothing constructive to say about the topic; find another forum to troll...


Author:  TheDamned [ Fri Sep 09, 2005 2:49 pm ]
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Yes Hoak. You are correct. Everything you say is right.

I find myself wondering if you have any concept of the word irony.

Author:  HampsterNose [ Fri Sep 09, 2005 2:53 pm ]
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I have some good thoughts on this thread.... just am in a teleconference so cant get a decent wording on this currently, stay tuned :)

Author:  hoak [ Fri Sep 09, 2005 2:57 pm ]
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TheDamned wrote:
Yes Hoak. You are correct. Everything you say is right.

I find myself wondering if you have any concept of the word irony.

You think you're clever and witty with your sophomoric sarcasm, petty insults, rude insinuations, name calling and swearing? If you think the drivel you've written is clever irony I'd suggest you finish your primary school education, or at least shoot for passing grades.

Do you expect me to be impressed and feel condescended to by a petty miscreant that is marginally literate in English, is seriously challenged with regard to integrity -- and has the morals, manners and emotional outbursts of a spoild child?

Flake the *i-need-a-broader-vocab* off you pathectic looser...


Author:  hagenisse [ Fri Sep 09, 2005 3:01 pm ]
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psst toad, you got some spelling errors there.

Author:  TheDamned [ Fri Sep 09, 2005 3:01 pm ]
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Well said. Though it would have been more impressive if you'd found a way to include the words "relative", "vection", and "histrionics".

Author:  DoggySoldier [ Sun Sep 11, 2005 4:28 pm ]
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TheDamned is right. 8)

Author:  hoak [ Mon Sep 12, 2005 12:58 am ]
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By all means if you can't read, write, think clearly, stay on topic -- and have nothing constructive to say about game design; chime in with a "me too" post about the veracity of being a pathetic troll...


Author:  flyhead(cn) [ Mon Sep 12, 2005 4:47 am ]
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A thermate grenade might be nice for certain infiltation missions, even under water. the grenade actually generates its own oxygen so that the burning will continue underwater. For those who don't know what a thermite/thermate grenade is, search google or play America's Army.

Author:  hoak [ Mon Sep 12, 2005 6:54 am ]
Post subject: 

Yup they're nasty weapons; I don't think they fit in what appears to be TC:E's default SWAT Urban Police theme (but then neither do HE grenades)...

But Coroner has said that Mod-On-Mod support would be forthcoming by design, so we can create realistic maps, missions, appropriate special forces teams to the scenario, custom weapons, (and hopefully adjust the defaut weapon metrics as well) -- to take TC:E as far as Mods have taken games like R6 and Ghost Recon...

If that promise is fulfilled I won't care what the default game looks like, how bad it sounds, or how it plays...


Author:  XenoKiLLer [ Tue Oct 11, 2005 8:56 pm ]
Post subject:  re

if your talking about high explosives, add them, but only for specific missions where you really need to save the explosives (kinda like demo mission, but instead of using plastics ex.) to complete your objectives.

check out the CSAR mision in AA, they enabled thermite granades and rpg becasue you need to use them for the mission, but you cant use them on other missions that dont need them. (unless the server admin changes the weapons)

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