TC:E HUD Warts (Ingame HUD)
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Author:  flyhead(cn) [ Wed Oct 05, 2005 5:19 am ]
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Author:  XenoKiLLer [ Wed Oct 12, 2005 9:36 pm ]
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if possible, maybe just have a hud that can be turned off by players who want total realism. the hud isnt really that improtant if you can:

1. literally check your ammo count
2. know your stance or position
3. know where on the map you are and where the objectives are
4. know exactly how much more injury you can take
5. know exactly what and how many weapons of whatever kind you can carry
6. know how much time is left (an oral warning could be used)

thats what the hud is used for isnt it, but if a more realistic way to display all those information can be implemented into the ET engine or tce mod, then that would be the best solution. you got rid of the crosshairs, no its time to get rid of everything else.

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