Elite Honor: Modern Warfare Returns!
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Author:  ZemmurkTrooper [ Mon Feb 05, 2007 1:39 am ]
Post subject:  Elite Honor: Modern Warfare Returns!

Howdy guys! Man, i haven't been here for a while.

Well, since we've last talked, the mod has shifter to Jedi Academy, then it died. Several months later, I've decided to return to the idea and this time stick with WET, specifically TCE. TCE fulfills not just the realistic realistic combat and environments, but also fulfills even some weapons.

For everyone who doesn't remember or didn't read the topic months ago, here's a brief overview:

This mod puts you in the seat of a United States Marine in a war zone in the Middle East, with the purpose to fight the War on Terrorism. You will go through the hardships of a Marine and the intense action, alone or in a group, that a Marine would face daily. The game is aimed to be highly realistic to show you realistic combat, with the weapons and gear that would be used. You will be able to use anything a real marines or IDF members uses, from a Colt Commando rifle, to the powerful MK3A1 Jackhammer, to a small but powerful Beretta 92 pistol to even to simplistic but powerful grenades. However, if you choose to be a Coalition fighter, you will use different equipment, like the AK-74, Saiga-12 shotgun, PP19 Bizon, and Zastava M76. Full weapon models and player models will allow you to have full ability and appearance or your chosen side. Either fight to keep your team alive or finish missions or prevent success with Siege mode in full, fast-paced Multiplayer action. Largely familiar and explorable environments will be at your disposal. Plus, pull powerful attacks or tactic with a team chat system and the map console on your operational computer.

Join the Experience. Choose Your Side. Be the Creator Of Fear or Protectors Of Peace.

Elite Honor: Modern Warfare

We plan to have a full array of weapons (i have them organized in a spreadsheet right now), with classic weapons to rarer weapons such as the OICW and Tavor and Corner Shot.

Once again, any help, support, or anything else is welcome.

Thanks guys,

Author:  8_Bit_Brad [ Mon Feb 05, 2007 3:55 am ]
Post subject: 

If you need some weapon models, I could help.

Author:  ZemmurkTrooper [ Mon Feb 05, 2007 8:29 pm ]
Post subject: 

Great, well need contact, all my IMs are below and my XFire is "zemmurktrooper (withotu quotes).

Anybody else?

EDIT: A few weapons to try at.

IMI Tavor
Colt Commando
MR-444 Baghira

Author:  XenoKiLLer [ Mon Feb 05, 2007 11:00 pm ]
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This thread belongs to offtopic because it is mostly about another mod not TCE.

Author:  ZemmurkTrooper [ Mon Feb 05, 2007 11:03 pm ]
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Sorry bout putting it in the wrong place causing all the moving problems.

Well, it will be on a heavily modified TCE, so tis related in some way.

Author:  XenoKiLLer [ Mon Feb 05, 2007 11:07 pm ]
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Just a friendly warning - LoK will get mad at the idea of another heavily modded TCE - if you have one, it is best you do not talk about it - the same thing happened before, it wasnt good.

Author:  ZemmurkTrooper [ Mon Feb 05, 2007 11:14 pm ]
Post subject: 

Right off i dotn remember who LoK is. I understand what your saying, I think I even encountered the mod that your talkign about once or twice. Well, if people will get angry with me, is it really worth modifying TCE, or just stick with base WET? Cause ive had enough with uprisings against this mod, and i dont wish to deal with another.

Author:  XenoKiLLer [ Mon Feb 05, 2007 11:40 pm ]
Post subject: 

As I recall, TT (Team Terminator) does not allow major modification of TCE. LoK (Lord of Khaos) is one of the TT devs who occassionaly stops by here.

We will post up a copy of the Eula and explanations of how much can the end user modify in any.

Author:  ZemmurkTrooper [ Tue Feb 06, 2007 12:31 am ]
Post subject: 

Oh, OK I gotcha. Well, i think i misworded, lemme try to explain.

I'm not going to heavily mod or just steal what i like. THAT is what i would think of as wrong, and should just be a new mod. I'm talking about a sort of Expansion Pack so to speak (official or not). Instead of doing the entire system on my own or with my teams, and since the whole combat system was nearly perfected (stuff i couldn't figure out how to do, such as iron sights, etc) and matched the combat techniques of the United Stated Marines. This mod will only include new and modified weapons to shift from police to military, and will include new maps for the new setting, and also will include new player models and skins to fit the purposes. Beyond maps, player models, weapons, level models, and graphics (not in-game, more like menus, HUDs, videos, etc), everything will be left alone unless direly needed, which would only need slight change, though really its very unlikely that we work with that stuff, more of avoiding messing anything up.

Also, on Team Terminator's part, unless they want to, i don't expect any material from them, only what we already have and some support during development (Q&A, etc). Everything they have done will be fully credited to appropriate levels (i also have a tendency to give a lot on every little thing). I'm am very liberal and happy and respectful enough to give credit, so no doubt this will be handled properly. I also don't really want to expect or push an alliance or anything, if you want to make this an official add-on or add True Combat the name, sure, but unless you desire it I wont expect nor do anything of the sorts.

I hope this clears things up. If there is still questions or problems, please feel free to reply. I rather get all this clarified and resolved before we get too far into it.

Thank you.

Author:  XenoKiLLer [ Tue Feb 06, 2007 1:31 am ]
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Problem is, it is against the EULA to even modify anything that has to do with TCE except for third party maps (not modifed versions of TCE official maps). Unless ofcourse this mod does not use TT material such as graphics, or TT software such as the TCE exe itself. Another mod using the same idea is okay as long as you dont use anything made by TT.

Im not siding with anyone, just looking out for everyone's best interest here and to avoid another one of those encounters with the devs getting mad in the forums.

Author:  ZemmurkTrooper [ Wed Feb 07, 2007 8:48 pm ]
Post subject: 

Ok, so far we have 2 mappers, a modeller (though they cant get weapons ingame), and a webmaster. we need:

-Player Skins/Models Maker/Editor/Organizor
-Weapons Modeller/Skinner/Converter (aka you can take a model or a model from another Q3 game and add hands and make it work in WET/TCE)
-HUD Editor

If anyone else wants to join for the jobs above or anythign else, please say so!

Author:  XenoKiLLer [ Wed Feb 07, 2007 9:07 pm ]
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I would suggest posting that in an indie development community forums such as or a quake/WET modding forums such as Splash Damage's forums or any other quake modding forums.

I can help you once I am cleared of what I am currently doing.

Author:  ZemmurkTrooper [ Wed Feb 07, 2007 9:30 pm ]
Post subject: 

Sounds good. and thanks for the site, ive checked places like Splash Damage, but i havent gone to this site.

Author:  XenoKiLLer [ Wed Feb 07, 2007 11:08 pm ]
Post subject: 

No problem.

Author:  ZemmurkTrooper [ Thu Feb 08, 2007 6:00 am ]
Post subject: 

Well, got the menu remade (didn't take long, may touch it up later) but the sound for it, no matter what I tried, was missing. I tried separate PK3s from the menu, one big one, checking names and file locations, shortening the song, etc. but no prevail. Does anybody have a clue how to make this work?

Belows a pic of the menu. Like i said, nothing fancy, just something i threw together in my free time. Ill work on it or have one of my graphic artists redo it/touch it up later.


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