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Author:  Dragonathan [ Fri Dec 22, 2006 7:05 pm ]
Post subject:  old maps

what happend to hide_out?
the map was really bad and it was the worst map of all 0.48's official maps,
but its shame that it wasnt included in 0.49, i thought hide_out was improved...?!?

you sepose to expand your map library not reduce it...
no matter how bad the map is... you just cant remove it especially if you just have a map library of 4 maps. the best thing to do with maps that are flops is to improve it and always make it better and better from time to time,

hide_out was the worst map, but its a classic, you cant get rid of old classic's,
and the good thing if you preserve maps, is that the community will get attach to it, and the map will be really known and memorable.

and what happend to the unikaasu map?
why wasnt it included in 0.49? it looked really original and artistic and stylish,

its a shame that the devs wont use some awesome designs that some TT members made, yes i know some things are just ment to be concept's, but if a concept is really really good than you got to use it or it would be a serieus waste.

and please dont move this to the mapping discussion forum, it was ment to be in general,

Author:  -ATHF-FryLock [ Fri Dec 22, 2006 7:12 pm ]
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I happened to like hideout. One of the only maps that people couldn't snipe in, and I hate snipers.

Author:  it [ Fri Dec 22, 2006 7:30 pm ]
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-ATHF-FryLock wrote:
I happened to like hideout. One of the only maps that people couldn't snipe in, and I hate snipers.

I used to sniper in int >_>

I don't know what happened. it was a pretty good obj map. I wonder if tweety'll re-do it (if he's still around O.o)

Author:  <TCF>Buschman [ Sat Dec 23, 2006 5:14 pm ]
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Heh, dem_hideout was a fun map to both snipe, knife, and mac10/shotgun.

Though I liked it, a lot of people complained about the map purely because of all the bushes, rain and trees- it made my FPS hit rock bottom practically all the time.

I personally made my 'own' version of dem_hideout, it was nothing more than a lower FPS whore, meaning I had around 50 FPS most of the time, instead of 15.

I would convert it to 0.49 standards, though I might as well make a new map instead- it'll be just as much work - if not more - because I'd need to get similar hi res textures and models, rescale everything, add loads of extra cosmetics, while keeping the whole thing looking and feeling like the original 'area' the map was designed on.
It'd be a tough job, and I'm no expert mapper.

Author:  HoboCoP [ Sun Dec 24, 2006 2:41 am ]
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hideout wasnt included I assume, cause it is set out really badly for objective. specops can completely hem the terrorists in, so the best tactic for terror is to spawncamp in the little building=not a fun game.

its a nice ish map...but i dont miss it in the slightest. i would take INDOCHINE over it any day :D

Author:  Evil_Muska [ Sun Dec 24, 2006 5:42 am ]
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I'm still waiting for the re-worked Bahamut....

'prays for a Christmas miracle'

'has serious doubts'

Author:  Silentcrisis [ Mon Dec 25, 2006 1:51 am ]
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I don't recall that map...

It's probably something I'd recognize if I played it but would have no idea when I heard the name of it.


Author:  Dragonathan [ Mon Dec 25, 2006 4:43 pm ]
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the reason that allot of people didnt liked hide_out was because of the whole map design, it looked pretty amateuristic/3rd partyish,

if you played in hide_out, it felt like you were a monkey trapt in a cage,



all i have to say that it takes allot of imagination and creativity to make the map border look very inconspicuous

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