New clan, Firing Squad. We're recruiting :)
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Author:  Hi_Tman [ Sun Nov 05, 2006 9:48 pm ]
Post subject:  New clan, Firing Squad. We're recruiting :)

Hello and welcome. We are firing Squad, which rhymes with nod, pod, and plod - who cares. Our in-game symbol is FS-:-'name'
Therefore, for me, it is FS-:-Hi_Tman. Anyway, our forums are and my xFire contact is ' Timfortehwin ' so please feel free to add me. Obviously, ability doesn't matter; the more the merrier. Even if you don't feel like joining as of yet, we will give you rights to our objective server to play with us and please register on our forums to have fun and laugh at me for making this thread.
We currently have 10 active members, and are clearly looking for more to join. If you have any questions please just message me on these boards or at [MSN] or Timfortehwin [xFire].

Thanks again,

FS-:-Hi_Tman [Forums Admin and Events Co-ordinator]

Plus we have free food and a cool banner which I designed ;).

Er... It'd be nice to think of something to say which makes you want to join us and not others, but for the mo, I wish you good luck gaming and in real life, too.

Oh yeah, I got a GF 3 days after joining, and Fs-:-Gobbo is funny and Meathead has a big head.

And we also have a 5v5 match each Saturday; you could be the lucky one.

Author:  Lightspark [ Sun Nov 05, 2006 9:52 pm ]
Post subject:

In-game Tc:e names, Forum usernames and Xfire usernames.


FS-:-Lightspark (tcehammy)
FS-:-pwnstar (smoabsolute)

Recruitment Chief:

FS-:-Bombboocha (etkpower)

Forums Admin:

FS-:-Hi_Tman (timfortehwin)

Other members:

FS-:-Doik (doiker)
FS-:-Gobbo (worldofwarcraftisafeeling)
FS-:-meathead (frogsunited)
FS-:-Mushy (azzaj)
FS-:-Beej (beej0uk)
FS-:-Rocker (totalrocker)


Feel free to add any of us if you have any queries. Thanks :D

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