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Author:  Caesar77 [ Wed Mar 12, 2014 2:41 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: 2013 TC:E NextGen edition !!!

Finally got a full version of 3DMax, Maya, Motionbuilder and Mudbox, will take some time to
master, but well worth it. Def. will make things a little easier (errr, that is after figuring out
how everything works). I didn't have max before, for conversion of models I used the laptop
of a friend of mine, not really the most effective way.

For Tango Down a lot of game models have been added, although most still need to have a
lightmap layer applied. Still, very happy with what has been added. A lot of industrial models,
street items, boats, construction items and machines have been added to the content
library for Tango Down. I think mappers will appreciate our MDK ;-) Still got a lot of models
on the wishlist tbh. like broken window frames and railings.

Crossed off 15/17 scenes needed for the first adventure on our own framework, glad that
part is done. Still, all scenes will still need to have furniture, ornaments and other stuff added
to them before they're done and that will take up some time.
Stuck on the dev of my social media app on a specific platform.... stupid Apples..... Some
eye candy implemented in the background is being a total ass on the Iphone, need it to work

Tango Down ::::
- New gun sounds for rifles with silencer, courtesy of Anthony C. (Thank you for the awesome sounds, bro).

- Added animation to the Sig P226, now it only needs a specular map and one more gun is done.

- Set aside a list of names for Tango Down 2, since it's a different game from Tango Down it needs to have a seperate name.

- Decided that we're gonna use a map meant for Unit77 (temp name for Tango Down's paid
counter part/sequel project) in Tango Down for sakes of Alpha testing the map and it's
associated game mode. The map is very very large, so I don't think everybody will like it.

- All weapon attachments present now : Sniper scope, reddot,acog,ext.mag,silencer, laser
sight, grip. Srry, the grenade launcher will not be added ;-)

- Starting on the conversion process of Bruce's Downside map this week (Thnx Bruce). It
might be because I never played the map, but geometry wise it looks like a fairly complicated map
that will def. need some time to convert.

I said the Alpha will have materials in it that aren't final....F-that, Northport will be final upon
release of Alpha. ATM there's just a few buildings that need work on textures/materials but
satisfied with most. We tried to find HQ textures that resemble TC's texture set as close as
possible, but haven't been able to do so for all textures. It's not a total loss as we did find a
lot of textures that are pretty enough that they even look good without normal, spec map etc.

Back to the ports again, screenie is long overdue (I keep changing-adding things....)

Updated female character and a new background for our menu... Blood n Bricks

The old background

Author:  InVader [ Thu Mar 27, 2014 12:13 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: 2013 TC:E NextGen edition [Tango Down] !!!

Yay, checking in again!

Oh wow, Mudbox! I got the chance to try it in the school. That program is God's own hand! Makes texturing so much easier. You can practically ditch Photoshop from here on.

Is the girl already a complete model? Nice! You might want to reduce her eyeshadow a bit. She's not at the Vienna Opera Ball... then again, fanservice, yay! :D

Hm, actually, a map of the Vienna State Opera could be interesting. Ahhhh, my brain, you never fail me.

Author:  InVader [ Thu Mar 27, 2014 12:17 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: 2013 TC:E NextGen edition [Tango Down] !!!

EDIT: Why can't I edit my posts anymore?

Anyways, I guess I was in over my head with the Vienna State Opera. I mean, good luck to anyone trying to re-create THIS: ... stairs.jpg

Still, the map itself could be insanely fun. Hm... we'll see if I'll have some spare time this summer.

Author:  Caesar77 [ Thu Apr 03, 2014 10:06 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: TC:E NextGen edition [Tango Down]

I don't use Photoshop anyway, I use Gimp. Gimp is better than Photoshop if you want to
make seamless textures imho. Haven't had a lot of practice on Mudbox, but already found
out that this little tool can come in handy, specially with characters. I'm confident that we
will laugh at our current work a few months from now. Think in a few months we will laugh
at our current work....

The girl is not final yet, her skin and lips are basically only a texture and has no subsurface
scattering or a normal map yet. Also, the artist who made the character is known for doing
really realistic eyes and she hasn't done her 'magic' on the current character yet.

The makeup on the eyes was done like that on purpose as I asked for a 'bad ass metal chick'.
Might also look a bit like its heavy makeup because the character squints her eyes a bit and
the hair's also hanging half over her eyes.

The Vienna opera building, now that would be a real challenge. We could use tesselation or
even 3D scan those ornaments to get the job done, but to do it correctly it would take a
rather long time before such a map is completed.

We however do got something by Evermotion that resembles the Vienna opera building, but
it's a library if I'm not mistaken. I'll try to dig it up this week for a nice screenie.

//Dev update
One of my minions has made a booboo on the master maps for North- and Westport so we
had to redo both from scratch, placing each object and building onto an empty map again
and reapplying it's materials again. Everybody can make a mistake so we won't kill minion
this time ;-p Reason 2 I don't mind is that the current materials applied do look fitting.
I hate posting screenies where there are missing models, but did't want to let you guys
wait any longer.

Note screenie #1 : Starting to get used to this color scheme tbh.

Note screenie #2 ::
Reflection on the glass needs love, missing big roll-up casing above garage door, Oops doorframe missing.

Note screenie #3 : The boat has a broken lightmap, shed wall hasn't got graffiti applied ,red roof of shed needs material reworked.

Note screenie #4,5 and 6 : Rebuilding Northport

Moar to come next time.

Author:  InVader [ Fri Apr 04, 2014 12:21 am ]
Post subject:  Re: TC:E NextGen edition [Tango Down]


Caesar77 wrote:
The Vienna opera building, now that would be a real challenge. We could use tesselation or even 3D scan those ornaments to get the job done, but to do it correctly it would take a rather long time before such a map is completed.

Basically you'd only have to create some parts, like walls, columns, because those are used everywhere in that building. You might have to scan the paintings on the wall though. When you're finished with the basic elements, you just build the entire opera from those inside UDK, use the scanned paintings/whatnot on the BSP walls. If that library of yours has anything like, you'll have good material for a trailer once you finish the map!
While tessellation would be a must have for those ornaments, I'm not sure standard grayscale displacement maps can handle those back-and-forth bent forms. Autodesk is working on something called vector displacement maps (RGB, any-direction displacement maps).

Damn, now I'm really tempted to create something like this. f*ck school :-/

Or you know, I'll just finish my Aztec/Egyptian pyramid CTF map (red side is aztec architecture, blue side is egyptian, giant pyramid in the middle of the map is both + flooding and/or gravity fields). Would have been great for the Make Something Unreal Contest, had I time to finish it. yet again, f*ck school

Oh well, maybe this summer.

Also, unless you have some plugin for GIMP that gives you math operations for layers (e.g. for baking ambient occlusion and various shadow effects from high-poly models onto the texture) I still highly recommend Photoshop for some jobs.

Oh and TC:E just got Greenlit! Cheers! I wonder how Steam will install it for us.

Author:  Caesar77 [ Fri Apr 11, 2014 1:02 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: TC:E NextGen edition [Tango Down]

Didn't know Photoshop can bake ambient occlusion, I normally do that in Blender, but might
download Photoshop's demo to see how it works in there.

WOOT, If you didnt mention the contest, I would have missed UE4 licensing :
19.95/mo ain't a bad price to pay for that engine. Hoping it also reads in packages from UE3.
Since it comes with source code, making new tools will be a lot easier. Having something that
can convert materials from say Blender/3dMax or Maya to UDK would be very welcome to start with.

I found something resembling the Vienna opera. It's Evermotion Archinteriors 23 ... /6349/0/0/
It has nice fitting models, only the scene I meant is done by a Autocad artist, or at least I
think so, couldn't find it in my Everymotion library. Although blocking it out with BSPs is a
possibility, I'd prefer to model it from the floor plan for accurate sizing. Doing architecture like
that, should be done to a T, an exact replica of the real scene, with all ornaments and
statues in the same exact place as real life. UDK 3 already supports Displacement maps, so
many details of the ornaments don't need to be modelled. Displacement maps are also used
for water (DirectX11), lots of UE examples around for that (check WL shader).

Ps If you're still in school then you still can download the newest version from Autodesk
products, don't forget that in your last year. Take a look at what those programs would
cost you if you werent in school ? So, yay for school.

// Dev update

Le screenie :::
In the distance you see Big red shed, now greyish, not finished yet. Like I said, all currogated
metal on that building is being replaced. Switched colors with this building over here, looks
kinda nice I think. Still some color schemes/combos to fix on the SpecOps spawn side. The
end is in sight (again) for this map. Also haven't used my aging shaders anywhere, that's
something we'll save for last, main concern is getting all models back in and in place and get
everything ready for Alpha.

*Sigh* Still need a lot of tweaking in the sunlight/shadow department, for one the color
is too much in the yellow spectrum and need to add some lights here and there. Enough
mapping and modelling for this week, time to fix my computer. After the last update for my
graphics drivers DirectX11 applications won't start, including Mudbox ;-(

Grrrrrr, maybe a good time to code a bit more on the social media app.
The module I made that connects the Unreal Engine to our message servers is still a bit
laggy/ resource consuming, might try another way to work around it.

Author:  Caesar77 [ Fri May 09, 2014 3:44 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: TC:E NextGen edition [Tango Down]

Made a rather important decision in Tango Down Dev.

Halting work on the Unreal Engine 3 and converting everything to continue on UE4
UE4 comes with source code, so packing it for Linux won't be such a big fuzz as it would
with UE3. Chosing the UE4 to continue work, will open up a port to Linux with much greater ease.

For a great number of reasons it just makes more sense to make Tango Down, it's
counterpart Unit77 and our other projects on the same engine. The UE4 is different from
it's predecessor in many ways, making some jobs much easier. One fine example is
animation, implementing both female and male characters into the game has become
much easier. Not only that, the material creation in UE4 is just so much better than in UE3.

Time wise, this sets us back a bit. Result wise, things will be prettier. I'm looking at it
from a positive side, regardless if everything has to be reimported, reconnected, recoded
or whatever it takes... doing something over mostly makes the end result better.
NO, we will not be launching an Alpha version with a map connected to the UE4 FPS
template, that would be lame. Custom HUD, Custom Game Menus, Custom Animation,
Custom guns etc. And nothing less ! Let's do this the right way, shall we ?

Also a bit tired of having to calibrate the mocap stuff each time we need it, been looking
for a decent place to house our little studio and where we can turn one room into a
permanent mocap room that we can also rent out to other people.

Dev Update
* Played around with lots of code, stuck on a few things, need some time and patience.

* Played around with UE4 to get familiarized with all the new features, importing assets
for TD. *grinds teeth*

* Getting ready to go from arms & gun to full body & gun. I might release the old anims
and arms model, not sure if I'm putting it in the MDK.

* Updated server side scripts for my chat/social media app, closed a few security holes
and added more communication protocols (GRRRRRR). About three weeks ago I changed
the old design to accomodate more features while maintaining an easy to navigate layout.
Not the most easy task might I add....Think that most work I did past week for this app
solely has been on the layout and content of the new profile page. Also, doing 2 versions
for the time line display (animated or classic) and renewing the contact section because
I'm bored with the standard way the current one looks.

A glimpse into 1 of 2 display methods for the messaging section of a new social media network.....
Can you spot the difference between the 2 screenies ?
(Margin at the left was caused by windowsize vs HD)


Author:  Dim$tar [ Fri May 09, 2014 6:08 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: TC:E NextGen edition [Tango Down]

Got a moddb page ?

Author:  DennerBR [ Fri May 09, 2014 8:34 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: TC:E NextGen edition [Tango Down]


Author:  Caesar77 [ Fri May 09, 2014 11:28 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: TC:E NextGen edition [Tango Down]

Not yet, need to have the trademark registration complete for our business name before
registering on those kind of websites. Although, I could use one of two parts of the
company name for now : Majestic.

To keep things short, I've had some real bad experiences with people taking
my company's name. I learned a lot from that.....

But besides that, I haven't really put much effort in publishing the development of
Tango Down, Unit77 or our other projects on any website besides the True Combat
website. I do have this thread mirrored on my I3 profile page (I3 is something like TOR)
but 'documenting' development on a project like I'm doing with Tango Down
is actually a first for me. I think when people can download the Alpha it will be a good
time to put it on several gaming websites, now is just not the right time yet.

I did put a LOT of effort into other aspects of promoting Tango Down and the social
media network. For the social media platform alone we got a promo campaign lined
up where we give away things like
250 x PS4 and 50 large Sony LED TVs (Thank you, Sony. We lubs you)
and 1,000 x a year subscription to our game streaming partner

What we got in store for Tango Down, it's mapping contests and tournaments
is something I want to keep to myself for now. Need to tie some loose ends with
two parties before I can say anything about that.

Before anybody asks about Tango Down and Steam :
Not going to put it on Steam for the next 4-6 months due to TC:E being greenlit.
Tbh I don't know if I ever will as we already found 2 large distributors that
can help us get our games and animation projects out there.

Author:  InVader [ Sun May 18, 2014 10:59 am ]
Post subject:  Re: TC:E NextGen edition [Tango Down]

Oh no, no, Photoshop can't bake ambien occlusion. I was merely referring to the tools needed to create a proper texture with that texturing. You see, in gimp I can't do math operations between layers (like multiplying, adding, mixing colors, etc.). Multiplying in particular is very useful for giving your basic color map nice shadowing, maybe scratches on the surface from baked ambient occlusion of high-poly meshes.

As for switching to UE4, I think it was the right decision. Dem layered materials are comfy to work with. Also like how suddenly a Linux port seems realistic because of this (both for Tango Down and the new UT game. That's right, I'm totally hyped). I only wish the guys on the Descent -> UDK project would do the same.

That being said, looks like I'll be free this summer after all, so I could help with TD. Problem is, I don't have a UE4 license, or the PC powerhouse to develop in it (I mean 4GB ddr2 ram... to upgrade the ram I need to upgrade the motherboard, psu, cpu too and I don't have money for that right now).

Author:  Caesar77 [ Sat May 24, 2014 10:22 am ]
Post subject:  Re: TC:E NextGen edition [Tango Down]

Gimp can do those operations,too. (layers)

Btw you don't need a powerPC, my favo dev box is an Asus laptop, 6GB mem, 1GB Geforce
GT540M. It's not enough to run mudbox, but tested UE4 on a DDI 10.1 (directx).
Let me try installing on a similar box toyours and I'll get back to you with the results asap.

A bit of a downside
People who want to map for games on the Unreal Engine 4, like Tango Down
need to have the engine and that needs a subscription (minimum 1 month).

I'd say, the 19 Euro/USD well spent. That's not a lot for an engine of that caliber.
Compared to the UE3 they made a lot of things much easier and with reflections,
new way to make materials and how the light works, I think they did a real nice job.

There's a few ways to get the Unreal Engine 4
- Buy a subscription directly from Epic
- Buy a subscription from us
- Get a sponsored subscription from us
- Participate in one of our promo campaignes where we give away subscriptions

I'll send you a PM with the way you can get a sponsored subscription. We need people who can do textures and materials.

On monday we have the last negotiations for something great !
I recently pitched an idea with our content partners and few other parties ;-)
Screwed myself a bit since this means I have to get a website finished within a week

Dev update :
I gave the team some playtime on the engine, do whatever you like kinda thing. Now playtime is over.

Few days ago we started making materials again, imported all seperate parts of Northport
and imported characters. Difference between our new and old version is that we already
started implementing True First Person from the get go. Not looking forward to connecting
the animation as 2 of the original files have been F-d up (probably by me) as they are in a
different framerate now.

Already got the HUD working, very comforting. Today I'm starting the main menu.

Afinn was right, just about everything can be done in a much higher tempo and with less
tralalala than in UE3 or any other engine. We have a series of red chrome figures, I tell you,
making the material in UE3 is something we never succeeded in correctly. Took about an hour
in UE4 before we had the first version that we actually liked and that resembled the material
in the render rather close.

Author:  Heisenberg [ Tue Jun 24, 2014 11:03 am ]
Post subject:  Re: TC:E NextGen edition [Tango Down]

Some dude is working on a mod for Insurgency which looks pretty interesting so far: ... -mod-v099/

The iron sights/scopes look and feel more like TC that way...

As an longtime TC:E player, I'm pretty satisfied with the way Insurgency is going… if anyone hasn't checked it out, and you are looking for something like TC:E that has lots of players/servers you should definitely check it out! (It's on Steam Sale right now.)

Author:  Damien [ Tue Jun 24, 2014 5:38 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: TC:E NextGen edition [Tango Down]

Don't like Insurgency's setting but on the plus side the game looks pretty moddable.

Author:  Diane [ Wed Jun 25, 2014 5:32 am ]
Post subject:  Re: TC:E NextGen edition [Tango Down]

Heisenberg wrote:
(It's on Steam Sale right now.)

Thanks for the heads up! :cheers:

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