Modern Combat: Domination
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Author:  RedRuM [ Tue Jan 25, 2011 7:49 am ]
Post subject:  Modern Combat: Domination

who have played ? I find it having something in common with TC except its way more arcadey so some might not like it (hoak!) but i recomend to try the trial. It lasts 45 min and has match making error so you have to try few times to join in a game to launch (automaticly) a bot server after few fails. Bots are quite smart and offer dencently chalenge (you cant level up with bots but you can get a private server and inclued bots so you do level up. It has objective modes and something which is meant to replace server browser. You choose map you like and then game mode (i heard there is 6 modes but menu shows only 5,). Domination (capture and hold), team deathmatch, basic deathmatch, boom n dust (similar to obj but you have only 2 maps for it. Other is little in spirit of de_dust2 where terrorists try to launch rockets and you prevent them and other is afghan themed mountain area with small maze where you have to bomb cavé entrances

And CS like escort VIP (you get all armors with double points, health is doubled too. Also you get free deagle as VIP)

Few guns and 5 maps with some customization and cslike money system (earn money by killing = gun policy !)

There is also some very strong copycat in reload animations (look like cods) as example AK47 is almost identical as P90 is too almost identical. Im ok with it since i like it more than cod :P

Graphics are moody and as a newb like me says, i bet its unreal 3 engine with modified render and other assets (hey its gameloft! mobile phone game developer. Not surprise. They stated that they had quickly to re adjust from iphone/itap to newer hardware which has better capabilities.)

The graphics rely on heavily at many bloom resources (not bloom hell like bad company or frostbite is) which will look good with controled bumpmaps in a unique killcam.
Chenery looks good and nice on 60 fps with such a soft view.

Oh btw. Its only for ps3 for 8 euros. 5 something euros for plus members.

Author:  luka [ Tue Jan 25, 2011 9:25 am ]
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About what game u are talking ?
I haven't seen any "game name"

Author:  RedRuM [ Tue Jan 25, 2011 10:16 am ]
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hum what my threads title might mean ?

Yes. Very generic name :P

Author:  RedRuM [ Tue Jan 25, 2011 11:58 am ]
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video. ... VOESkGLAVM

Thats quite basic but ffa so thats why you dont see much team effort :lol:

But. Its fast. Its not run and gun.

Btw there is no killstreaks or perks.

If you are on killing spree you get 300$+ by each kill. One kill is 500$. If you buy Kalashkinov its your award for good succes.

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