commuity is waking up ?
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Author:  RedRuM [ Tue Aug 10, 2010 9:04 pm ]
Post subject:  commuity is waking up ?

its kinda awsum to see how the situation have changed since last year. Before i registered i hanged out in the forums. It seems that time have pased and community was dieing but now its clearly lifefull :P

Cool to see that even oldest fans have camed back and some never left. All thanks to coroner for coming back and getting us dance a tango all over the forums. Its pretty weird how time have passed since coroner first anounched TC:CQB. I cant imagine that one day in a school i checked this site via mobile and saw "coroner returns from the grave" it was big news and how much we have passed time now ? 5 months or maybe almost 6 . Thats a lot time and still feels so less. and ofcourse new part into serries makes true combat feeling a lot more than halfdead mod. Some people have noticed it and spreaded the word that caused old members to crawl back.

So what all this anounchment did for us? Woke community, made a lot more speak, gave us new people (or you got new people i cant speak myself as tce veteran) and made new interest into game. Such as my huge interest to enlarge arsenal of original True Combat 1.3 (still practicing) increashed tce's life span. So even if TC:CQB dies we got still much left to hand.

This community is just so awesome :mrgreen:

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