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Author:  it [ Mon Jun 18, 2007 1:43 am ]
Post subject:  Doom

We all know about this game. Don't try to hide it. I knwo you know about it, you know you know about it.

I have a question, though.

How many people here still play it/still have it? I'd love to have a co-op match with everyone here, maybe we could go fist a cyberdemon :twisted:

if you don't know how to play it onXP, there is only one thing you need to know: zdoom. It's a source port that had mouselook, binds, and other fun stuff. All you need to do is put your doom.wad or doom2.wad file in the place you extracted zdoom, and you're done.

This is mostly an interest check for an MP game, but feel free to discuss doom or wads or whatever.

my favorite wad at the moment is nuts.wad for doom 2. I'm doing a 100% run (with cheats, there's no other way) and it's hilarious. The basis for the wad is a ton of monsters, and the only way to beat it is to use infighting and luck. it was made as a joke wad, but it's still fun as hell. I've been playing for a few hours now, and I still have 716 cyberdemons left to kill. it's also fun to take a core 2 duo and turn it into a 386.

Author:  XenoKiLLer [ Mon Jun 18, 2007 2:24 am ]
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Hmm do you think you could get marine Doomm running.. I wanna laugh at what they called "Realistic" and "Accurate" simulation of real combat... :lol: its bound to bring giggles.

Author:  -ATHF-FryLock [ Mon Jun 18, 2007 12:53 pm ]
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I once bought it, but haven't seen it in a long time. I stopped playing it ages ago, and ever since Doom 3 I've been to pissed to even think about it.

Author:  it [ Mon Jun 18, 2007 6:33 pm ]
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The maps in doom 1 and 2 are overall very nice. except for a few by Peterson. MAP27 in doom 2 is hell to play for the first half.

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