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Author:  Shiro013 [ Tue Jun 19, 2007 11:48 am ]
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I personally, do not want Xeno's innovation. I want realism flying out my wahoo. I want to be able to sneak up behind the baddy, and stick a knife in his back or something without him catching me. I hate it when you sneak up behind the enemy as slow as possible, they shoot you without even turning around.

Thats what I liked about games like SOCOM, but still, not realistic enough. Not even AA is realistic enough for me. When I shoot that guy in the leg, I expect his leg to blow off, and not him lurch back a little and keep on running. When I shoot him in the hand, I expect him to drop his gun, and not be able to pick it back up. There was a game that applied this, forgot what it was. :/

But I want a game just called like, Real Life. Not something like True Combat, geez, gosh. >.> Even if it means I have to clean out my rifle every once in a while, strip it apart in the field because I dropped it in some mud. I want REALISM!!!!

I so far have yet to see that. -.-

Oh and I want to see people actually enter a building in a proper manner, not open the door crouch down and hope for the best. I can only hope someday, that when you enter that room, you go in moving swiftly to catch the enemy off guard with a guy right behind waiting to back ya up.

And a game where you get one life. And one bloody life only. You die, you start from the bottom. It was emphasize on tactics more, and oh my geez it would be so entertaining. (For me any way)

Author:  XenoKiLLer [ Tue Jun 19, 2007 1:50 pm ]
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Those were only examples of innovations I never said games should not be realistic in some gameplay aspects -note not graphics all the time

There can also be innovations in how games replicate reallife but that depends on how it is excecuted. Look at the R6 franchise, it replicates squad combat quite well but the control scheme is somewhat limited. The innovation comes in with Full Spectrum Warriors more detail squad controls and Republic Commando's easy to use squad controls.

BTW, you shoot someone's leg they fall to the ground, it wont blow off nor will they run but if they arent that badly injured expect them to limp-run away.

Problem with over realism there is a borderline between quick fun games with friends and turning into sometihng more of an interactive documentary. Overly realistic is not popular, look at AA, its not even that realistic but it is already getting poor reception from players.

When it comes to games, realism either by graphics or gameplay features have to be balanced with creativity and fun. If in a game we were always bound by the hinderance of realism they would no longer be fun to play.

Innovation comes in by bringing something new and more fun to play with in a game. Making the game too complicated by making it that realistic is counter intuitive. Not only will it make a game unplayable to a majority of people it will also be boring.

A few realistic stuff liek the draging of dead bodies as drago mentioned, sneaking up and knifing like in splintercell, being able to jump in to prone to avoid surprise gunfire like in RedOrchestra, iron sights like in a majority of modern shooters... those are just some of a few real life aspects integrated into a game and made part of the gameplay yet remains fun to play with.

As for getting people to enter a building the right manner or whatever it is you want them to do right, you cant. As humans we have free will. We decide what we want to do, and even if we follow orders, to some extent we do it by our own decisions, our own way of doing it.

The ideal goal of game development is to create something that will entertain everybody, even those not expected to play hoping that they will get interested. Focusing on only one taret audience not to mention a very very small and specific group, such as realism enthusiasts, is suicide for any game. When game developers think of what features to include and what not to include and how they can implement them to keep things fun and fluid, they do not think of what eahc other wants but what everyone else might want. A few sacrifices in realism must sometime sbe made to make a game successful. (Halo however just overdid it, Ill bet ya it would be better if it was more like CoD or BF)

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