poets only!!
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Author:  Dragonathan [ Wed Apr 11, 2007 2:36 pm ]
Post subject:  poets only!!

bfore u read, please make sure u have this instrumental on the background: ... q=hi&ref=1

im a poet,
just wanna make u know it,
just giving a notice,
for the one that dont know this,
im like mozes,
the difference, mozes splits the see,
but i split enemies,

never correct me,
im that kid that *i-need-a-broader-vocab* you directly,
pentrade you correctly,
noone can offend me,
noone should demand me,
noone should command me,

im comfortable in killing foe's
im pimpin when im maccin ho's
im fluent when i spit flows,

when im filled with anger, i have no manner,
im like a banner,
made with adobe,
original designs... not phony,
ey yow!! girls phone me,
cause they know im lonely
they wanna bone me,

their boyfriends get mad, than they frontin me, acting RE-TARD<--
*i-need-a-broader-vocab* them!! i'll smack them and let traumahawk send them to the E.R.<--

I make fractures that doctors cant repair!!

Author:  Evil_Muska [ Wed Apr 11, 2007 10:34 pm ]
Post subject: 


nobody knows the pain I'm in
It don't be knockin on the door
it just rolls right in
it just be slippin in the back
give my head a good crack
I know this all just sounds wack
but that's where I'm at

Didn't have to let her go
so I'll bust this flow
and just let everybody know
that I'm shuttin the do

lock it tight
lock it right
so in the middle of the night
I don't even have to worry
pain can't put up a fight

Author:  HoboCoP [ Wed Apr 11, 2007 10:38 pm ]
Post subject: 

Come live with me and be my love,
And we will all the pleasures prove
That valleys, groves, hills, and fields,
Woods or steepy mountain yields.

And we will sit upon the rocks,
Seeing the shepherds feed their flocks,
By shallow rivers to whose falls
Melodious birds sing madrigals.

And I will make thee beds of roses
And a thousand fragrant posies,
A cap of flowers, and a kirtle
Embroidered all with leaves of myrtle;

A gown made of the finest wool
Which from our pretty lambs we pull;
Fair lined slippers for the cold,
With buckles of th purest gold;

A belt of straw and ivy buds,
With coral clasps and amber studs:
And if these pleasures may thee move,
Come live with me and be my love.

The shepherds' swains shall dance and sing
For thy delight each May morning:
If these delights thy mind may move,
Then live with me and be my love.

Author:  Dragonathan [ Thu Apr 12, 2007 4:01 pm ]
Post subject: 

put this beat on the background bfore reading: ... q=hi&ref=2

Evil_Muska wrote:
[EdiT] Oh and Dragon, starting a rap with Poet and Know It is so lame.

thats because i keep it basic,
just because i spit simple rhymes doesnt make me the fakest,
but lets change subject because i dont wanna waist this,

dont wanna waist my time, dont wanna waist my rhymes,
dont waist my lines,
dont wanna waist things that are comming from my mind,
my creative thinking is one of a kind,

cause i keep it unique,
and if you think rhyming refers to gangsta rap... than you weak,
my style is something u cant beat,
you cant compete,
im not showing you conceit,

im showing you confidential,
for rhyming i got credentials,
im not a thug, gang member or whatever,
because i came from good residential....
im just an artistic artist with potential...

and Diane...
u need to do something with the registration system,
cause the forum is dying....
im keepin it alive, i really am trying....
we need more people, cause this forum is dead,
im not lying...

Author:  Evil_Muska [ Thu Apr 12, 2007 5:17 pm ]
Post subject: 

Dragonathan wrote:
evry poet has his own style,
some use big words, some keep it simple, some use metaphors, some use sarcasm,

Ok, so let me rephrase my question....

Do we have to be rapping, or can we do like hobo did?

I know my beat ain't the hottest
so I keep it modest
I don't rap about my self
put my pride on the shelf
cuz I don't care where I'm at
it doesn't matter, this or that
I won't talk any smack
I'll just sit on back

this whole deal
this shmeal
cumon man, just keep it real!

didn't mean to offend
wasn't trying to pretend
that you were at your ropes end
so I'm sorry my friend

Author:  Dragonathan [ Thu Apr 12, 2007 9:54 pm ]
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put this on the background bfore reading: ... q=hi&ref=2

im sick and ill,
of those cheaters that dont use a natural skill,

in True Combat there are many,
they use cheats and no skill maybe because they dont have any?
how will i know....
punkbusted needs to do something because there are too plenty,

im sick and ill,
of waiting for the new version, it makes me have an anxious feel,

i hope is going to be fine,
hope they changed the models,
and if we will use the same old models than i think i will lose my mind,
how will i know....
devs need to do something about it and its about damn time,

im sick and ill,
of waiting for 2moons, david perry needs to speed up for real,

im still waiting for the O.B. of 2moons,
acclaim claimed that the release will be released very soon,
how will i know....
maybe the release is in may or june?

im sick and ill,
and there will be no cure i fear,
unless all these problems disappear,

Author:  Evil_Muska [ Fri Apr 13, 2007 2:45 am ]
Post subject: 

Thread cleaned at the request of the owner.

Diane, if I was wrong in deleting those posts to tidy up this thread, then I appoligize and accept full responsibility for my actions (but plz send any response you have in a PM).

Author:  it [ Fri Apr 13, 2007 3:29 am ]
Post subject: 

Haiku is my form
I prefer it to all else
Yay Kingdom of Loathing!

you gain 30 sarcasm
you gain 2 stronliness
you gain 25 meat

Author:  Dragonathan [ Tue May 08, 2007 10:27 am ]
Post subject: 

background music: ... dID=356673

this is the lyrical thread
im posting some random typical crap

today i have nothing productive to do,
this boredom is like hell...

im sitting infront of my monitor screen,
this boredom makes me almost wanna scream,
it feels like a nightmare dream,

maybe i should play T.C.E.
or resistance on my P.S.3.

but im not going to play too much,
i cant focus ingame,
ive smoked a big dutch,
my brain is going insain,

but hey!!
it also feels kinda good,
i think i will smoke a few more today!!


Author:  it [ Tue May 08, 2007 2:59 pm ]
Post subject: 




that's it. what else do you need?

oh, right.




*15 minutes later*













1812 overture <3

oh, wait. that's not poetry >_>

after the command
many explosions are heard
ending a great song.

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