The Age Thread
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Author:  XenoKiLLer [ Fri Apr 13, 2007 7:49 pm ]
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Technically we should respect everyone in the forums especially the admins.

Author:  Evil_Muska [ Fri Apr 13, 2007 8:11 pm ]
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You shouldn't just respect someone based on their age. There are older people I know that I don't respect as much as younger people, not because of their age, but because of other factors.

Dragon, instantly respecting someone more based on their age is a pretty blind decision.

Author:  -ATHF-FryLock [ Fri Apr 13, 2007 8:46 pm ]
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Yeah, you should respect people based on the size of their breast, unless their men. If they are men, then you should respect them based on how much they can drink.

Author:  XenoKiLLer [ Fri Apr 13, 2007 11:21 pm ]
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well in anycase we all should respect everyone in these forums. The rules of the street do not apply here. 8) Here we all are equal.

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