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Author:  XenoKiLLer [ Sat Aug 12, 2006 7:06 pm ]
Post subject:  PunkBuster

In this thread will lie things you need to know about PB if you still havent figured it out. 8)


Punkbuster is an online anti-cheat safety measure designed to stop and prevent cheaters and hackers from doing what they do best. Yet like all other programs PB also has its own issues and bugs but before posting new threads about PB problems please read about it in the PB website


When updating PB, you have two options. The first option is using the the exe DOS based updater found in the game directory under punkbuster or PB. The second option is to download PBSetup - a program specifically designed to allow you to update PB for all PB-enabled games you have installed it a matter of simple clicks. Using PBSetup is much faster and more preferable than using the regular method and I suggest that you give it a try. To download PBSetup and basic instructions on using it click on link number 2 at the link section.


If you are experiencing problems regarding PB. Problems like randoms kicks and messages most solutions to these issues can be found at link number 4 at the link list below. If that doesnt help you cant contact PB support byusing link number 3



1. ... ort-et.php
3. ... hp?game=et

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