v050 - Unofficial Language mods issue
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Author:  XenoKiLLer [ Tue Apr 18, 2006 9:37 pm ]
Post subject:  v050 - Unofficial Language mods issue

Post your suggestions regardin the issue of third party language mods that mess up TCE. This includes those that you are forced to download from non-English servers but alter the game and forces you to reinstall.

Only discuss about the issue and nothing else.


Author:  kozak6 [ Wed Apr 19, 2006 1:26 am ]
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I think we could use a sticky in the appropriate forum that tells you how to navigate to the proper TCE directory and delete the offending pk3.

Author:  XenoKiLLer [ Wed Apr 19, 2006 2:01 am ]
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yes that should be good, but at some situation it totaly replaces the original pk3.

Author:  Dragonathan [ Wed Apr 19, 2006 6:20 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: v050 - Unofficial Language mods issue

i say hardcode it,
admins should only be able to let people download pk,map files and offical files and thats it,

no unofficial mini mods,

only official maps on official servers,
only custom maps, on customs servers.
and thats it.

the only way to do this, is to block unwanted pk files,
devs should program some kind of secure system,

it should only read the files, and the official files, all the files that shouldnt be downlaoded by the people should be automaticly blockt,
because the system is not able to read the unwanted files,

so it should automaticly skipp the unwanted files when theyre downloading the files thats needed,

all this is possible, you just need to have programmer thats really pro.

Author:  it [ Wed Apr 19, 2006 7:20 pm ]
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^what about custom maps that are designed b the devs/supported, but it is mid-release, so they must be considered 3rd party? in fact, a lot of the good maps are 3rd party, and it stops the monotony, I'd rather have a thousand custom .pk3's than only 5 official maps.

but on topic:

my idea:

maybe have official translations, made available to server admins, that don't overwrite original .pk3's.

Author:  XenoKiLLer [ Wed Apr 19, 2006 9:00 pm ]
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it's idea works. That is much better than just banning everything. Ofcourse, anything that does modify and of the original pakaged files that come with TCE should be registered as a hack and should be controlled by PB. besides, these small texture and language changes should be put in their own folders instead of throwing them into the main directory.

Author:  Dragonathan [ Thu Apr 20, 2006 11:33 am ]
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it wrote:
^what about custom maps that are designed b the devs/supported,

i said all the pk. map files, including custom,

but not the pk files that change your and stuff,

Author:  XenoKiLLer [ Thu Apr 20, 2006 8:47 pm ]
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well, pk3 files can contain more just a map. and they can connot be distinguised apart by the coding if they have the same file name. So nothing really stops anyone from replacing them unless third party data other than maps are considered as hacks and cheats.

Author:  Dragonathan [ Fri Apr 21, 2006 2:50 pm ]
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like i said on the main forum, the problems are, that this mod supports 3rd party files, if you dont want those annoying pk files that change your menu, you have to block the 3rd party files,

or, the devs have to program a new system, that distinguish, map.files, menu.files, interface.files, ect. ect.

the menu and interface files should be blockt, it cant be change,

this is the only method to block unwanted pk files.

Author:  XenoKiLLer [ Fri Apr 21, 2006 10:03 pm ]
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no it isnt. Have you ever seen the directory of Starcraft or Warcraft? There arent many files. One important file is called an MPQ (.mpq) (an acronym of the name of the creator (Mo'PaQ, short for Mike O'Brien PAQ). This single file contains everything from graphcis to sounds to interface and the game's original campaign missions. Any other maps and thirdparty addons are kept outside this file, thus making it easy to rid of those third party files. The thing is, the map files arent MPQs but have their own extension depending on the game. Starcraft has .scm and .scx (Broodwar) maps while Warcraft III has .wc3 and .wcx (i think, Ive enver seen a frozen throne addon).

The problem is, this isnt easy to implement for a mod based on the ET engine. The engine uses pk3 files to store and graphics and sounds, and apparently every bit of multimedia data is stored in these files. Since they have the same extensions, they are quite disorganized and can easily be over writen by third party items just by having the same file name.

The only way to have this in the mod is to reprogram the engine itself to use a different file type for packaging the mod's and the game's original/classic files while third party files will be the pk3s or vise versa. But as we all should know, modding the game is okay, changing or reverse engineering the engine itself (non-GPLed Q3TAEngine) is not.

The easiest solution to this is the pure server filter, which they have already programmed into 049. The only thing it needs is a panel to show what maps the server has and anyother third party files will be highlighted. You should be able to view this list at anytime before you join a server to make sure there are no files you dont want. If you are careless then that is your own fault. But I have to say, it is too late to implement this for 049, save it for 050.

Author:  Dragonathan [ Sat Apr 22, 2006 12:59 pm ]
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XenoKiLLer wrote:
The easiest solution to this is the pure server filter,

problem with filter is, that its not user friendly for people that never have played this game,

allot of people dont even know how to install this mod, they probably dont even know how to filter the servers with the unwanted pk.files.

besides, filtering the server will kinda devide the commmunity,

evryone should feel free to open a server, custom or official,

and evryone should be able to join any server, without having problems with the unwanted pk files.

Author:  Silentcrisis [ Sat Apr 22, 2006 2:26 pm ]
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Installing the game is not a problem. If you just happen to run upon it while playing ET, how I first came about TC:E, you could install it through their. And it's not like you have to manually place all the files into the ET files, the auto-installer already does that for you.


Author:  XenoKiLLer [ Sat Apr 22, 2006 3:55 pm ]
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You have to take it into consideration that not all the players are computer litterate. Just because they play these pc game swe cant expect them to know what they are doing. If they find the server browser to difficult to use, why do they use it? If that is the problem, I propose a simple yet eye-catching PDF manual for TCE. i know how to make PDF publications, but I dont have the software at the time.

Author:  Silentcrisis [ Sat Apr 22, 2006 8:07 pm ]
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Okay, and I can translate your publications into the more common languages.

Seeing that this game is going to be semi-international, I could publicate your publications into either German, French, Spanish, or Italian. (Dutch if need be.)

You do the publishing, I do the translating. Deal? :)


Author:  XenoKiLLer [ Sat Apr 22, 2006 10:00 pm ]
Post subject: 

that is if I have the software to do them in. not to mention the official infos driectly from TT.

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