Bludklok's All-In-One TC:E Installer!
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Author:  bludklok [ Wed Jul 15, 2009 3:16 am ]
Post subject:  Bludklok's All-In-One TC:E Installer!

Hello community of TC:E! I'm here today to post the link to a zip file I put together that contains all of the programs / files necessary to completely install TC:E + Wolfenstein.

Along with all of the files necessary comes a complete and easy to use set of step by step instructions that can be used by even computer-illiterate users wishing to play.

I've created this collection of files + instructions for the sole purpose of bringing life back into the TC:E community. This is a great game and deserves more popularity then it has ever gotten in its time.

The zip file was created and posted on filefront a while ago but I never took interest in really getting the word out about it until I recently checked and saw 80+ downloads already. Seeing this I was pleased it was somewhat popular and decided to post here to further aid those wishing to get TC:E up and running and ready to play.

So please, enjoy! ...

If you have used my zip to install TC:E feedback would be greatly appreciated.

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