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 Post subject: Rafty's Install Guide
PostPosted: Fri Jan 04, 2008 9:53 pm 
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1. General information

The minimum system requirements on the developers homepage are very low for TC:Elite 0.49b. So i made a few tests with a large amount of older hardware. The following hardware is required to play 0.49b with the standard settings:

Minimum system requirements:
PC/Mac with 800 MHz CPU (Windows, MacOS or Linux)
392 MB of RAM (not less if possible!)
750 MB of hard disk space
Video Adapter (not built in, if possible!) with 64 MB of video RAM and at least a 230 MHz GPU
Keyboard and Mouse or compatible pointing device

Recommended system requirements:
There's not really a need to list „Recommended system requirements“, because in each case counts: Better hardware means a better gameplay.

Keep your OS and all hardware drivers up to date
Clean and defrag your harddisk once a month
Protect your system from dust and other dirt to avoid overheating
Keep your System free from viruses, adware and spyware (Tools section!)

2. What files do i need?

Wolfenstein : Enemy Territory v2.55 (Full ET) Windows
Wolfenstein : Enemy Territory Patch (v2.60) Windows
TC:Elite 0.49 Full Version Windows
TC:Elite 0.49b Update Generic

3. How to setup TrueCombat:Elite?

1. Download the files above.

2. Make sure that your OS and hardware drivers are up to date.

3. Install W:ET Full 2.55 and then the patch to 2.60.

4. Start W:ET by clicking the desktop shortcut.

5. Complete the first screen (Playername etc...) and enable Punkbuster! Then "Create" this new profile.

6. Restart W:ET, maybe join an Enemy Territory server, stay connected or play a few minutes and then quit ET.

7. Install TC:Elite 0.49.

8. Update to 0.49b. Extract the file to "Programs/Wolfenstein - Enemy Territory/tcetest". Overwrite existing files: "yes"!

9. Start TC:Elite, click the "Profile" tab and apply the existing profile as default.

10. Now click the "Options" tab and change the video settings and the other Stuff like you prefer. Apply the changes and restart TC:E. Done!

Any problems? Please view the FAQ section!

4. How can i connect to TC:Elite servers?

It's possible to search and connect to TC:Elite servers by using the internal server browser or external server browsers like The All Seeing Eye (ASE) or Qtracker.

-------thank you Rafty and for more help visit


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PostPosted: Sat Jan 05, 2008 2:49 am 
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For those of you who wonder what a recommended system requirement are. This is from my personal experience.

A gforce 5500/Radeon 9550 or better graphics card. I'd say 128 md of video ram should do it. (I played with a 5200 128 Mbs of ram and the game ran horrible, but ran non-the-less.)

512 system ram should also do more than good enough for TC:E. I've ran TC:E nicely on 512 ram. Never tried anything lower. 512 should more than suit your needs.

Any sound card older than 5 years, even integrated should work fine.

I'd say a 1.6 AMD athlon or a 1.8 gig intel celeron or better should more than suit your processing needs. (My neighbor played TC:E with his 1.4 gig Intel celleron I believe. Even though he had a 6200 gforce his TC:E played horrible, but still ran. However, the game ran much smoother when he got a 1.8 gig AMD.)

6200 Gforce is roughly equal to a 5500 gforce and the radeon 9550.

Cellerons are = to amd athlon xp and sempron CPU's. Give or take 200Mhz.

Just my recommendation. Nothing to take 100% to heart.
All these parts are rather cheap now-a-days.

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