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 Post subject: Linux nVidia Drivers how-to and other useful info
PostPosted: Fri Apr 15, 2005 1:28 pm 

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This how-to is for thouse people who still can not finish it off with nvidia drivers, so, if anyone asks you how to do it, direct him/her(unlikely) to this topic.

First: First things first, download the bloody thing.
Second: You have to exit X server, to do that, go to /etc/ folder and find file called inittab,
There, change the line that says
and make it
Third: Use CTRL+ALT+Backspace to kill the Xserver and you will find yourself in command like interface, there find the directory the file is in: cd /home/entomb/ then type chmod u+x NVIDIA*.run, then ./NVIDIA*.run
Follow the instructions it says and youre almost done.
Fourth: now that you have your driver installed, lets enable it: cd etc/X11/
There find a file xf86Config or xorg.conf, and change where it says:
Section ''Device''
Identifier ''Videocard0''
Driver ''nv'' ------- *WARNING* to enable driver replace with Driver ''nvidia''
Fith: Now cd /etc and lets change back our inittab file so its :id:5:initdefault unless you want to start X manually everytime, which is handy, now type startx.

If driver worked, right when you log in you should see annoying white/green nvidia logo on the whole screen, which someone told me you can take off, dont know how thou... I think its Option ''NoLogo'' --- try it at your own risk thou.

Under Section "Device" in your X11 config file add the following line:

Option "NoLogo" "1"

Well, that is folks, thought some people mite find this little summary useful.

There is, ofcourse, an alternative way of doing that for all of us lazy console-hating GUI dudes who use SuSE 8.x/9, just run YaST2 and in internet update you should find nvidia drivers, tick it and your done.

I posted that such a long while ago, wow.

Choosing your distribution:

If you are a beginner, dont go looking anywhere further then Suse 9.1 pro or Mandrake 10.something - Most userfriendly! Fedora Core 2/3 are my prersonal favourites, FC is very good for Dedicated Servers, since its from fourgers of Red Hat.

What elce do you need?

Little checklist here:

Sound Drivers emu10k if you got Live! soundcard (such as Creative 5.1 live) - Ill be doing a little how-to on it later too

Some form of IRC client

Voice com. programs, such as ventrillo (however that spelt)

And everything elce listed in minimal system req's for Linux kindly provided to us by loopback:

" Ok, I will put the ET Linux requeriments:
This requeriments is based in my own experience, no documents found about that:

- Processor up to 600 MHz (1 GHz or more is recommended)
- Linux kernel 2.4 (2.6 recommended)
- 128 MB RAM (256 recommended)
- swap file up to 512 MB (you can see some Linux documentation).
- up to 600 MB disk free space (including temporary files).
- X Windows system (XFree86 or XOrg with GLX and DRI, see next)
- Full Open GL Linux compatible 3D Video card with GLX and DRI working (nVIDIA or ATI for now)
- OSS mmap capable card or ALSA with OSS emulation and mmap enabled.
- glibc 2.x or better.
- keyboard and mouse working under your X Windows system.

That is all.

Bye bye. "

Written by loopback


Video Card

nVidia drivers themselves:
Ati drivers:

Sound Card

Soundblaster live cards driver download:

Official site:

Fedora Core:

All other stuff

My favourite linux software stuff site!:


When customising your linux desktop, I suggest using KDE instead of BlackBox or Gnome.
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 Post subject: I use this for icon
PostPosted: Mon Sep 19, 2005 5:12 pm 
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 Post subject: Re: I use this for icon
PostPosted: Wed Sep 21, 2005 6:20 am 
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hav0x wrote:

lol :lol:


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