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A Sneak Peak @ CQB's Weapons
Monday 19 April 2010 @ 18:38 EDT

Close Quarters Battle
If you have been following coroner's blog on the forums, you may have read about the proposed inventory system/weapons selection for the mod currently under development - Close Quarters Battle. ...

As stated in the blog: "There will be six primary weapons all offering different pros and cons and all suited for different styles of game play."

Below is a glimpse at the progress of the B&T MP9, the IMI Mini-Uzi (both with Osprey DSMD), the H&K UMP 45 with Aimpoint Comp2, and lastly, the Zastava M76 with the PSO-1 scope.

The above models are mostly based on excellent custom work by various authors published for CS:CZ and CS:S. The Aimpoint was taken from previous work of TCE's own, Bruce.

On a side note: Happy 5th Birthday (formerly! Looking forward to another 5 years! :)

Posted by Diane
Team Terminator

Category: Close Quarters Battle

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