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NC09 Week 7 - 1 More Week Until Playoffs!
Sunday 11 October 2009 @ 22:11 EDT

1 more week of Round 2 before the NC09 Playoffs begin!

What will Week 8 bring? ...

Will the United States thwart Finland from obtaining the title of "Undefeated Season"?

Who will be victorious in Belgium/Netherlands & Hungary's fight for advancement to the playoffs?

Poland and Turkey/Croatia are both on a winning streak - who will end W8 with their streak intact?

Japan & France (both ranked #1 in their divisions in R1) go head to head. Will France's recent luck change against NC07's "Most Feared"?

Both Germany and the United Kingdom have been down on their luck lately. Whose luck will change this week?

Week 7 came to an end with 5 matches on maps Stadtrand & Snowtown. To see the overall player stats, click here. Woohoo NoiR#! :)

The view the scores, demos, screens, MVP and stats of W7, visit the Match Results page!

See where your team ranks on the Rankings page!

Prediction League

Week 8's matches are up! Get your prediction groove on the Prediction League site ASAP because we will be locking them earlier than usual.

Prediction leaders after W7 are:
  1. SnaKeS3K
  2. Pus]{a
  3. Bully
  4. Scarsraider
  5. Tug@

Week 8 Matches

Check out the awesome matches happening this week on the Schedule page!

See you at the end of Week 8 to announce the playoff maps, playoff ladder & NC09 awards! :)

Also, Captains - don't forget this!!!

Posted by Diane
Team Terminator

Category: NC09

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