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NC09 Round 1 (Almost) Complete!
Monday 07 September 2009 @ 00:43 EDT

NC09 Round 1's "Survival of the Fittest" has now almost come to an end.

Sadly, by the end of the week we will have to see 3 teams leave the tournament... :( ...

But those teams won't go without a fight - which is why we are holding Off Week Elimination Matches!

Four teams compete this week to see who will advance to Round 2. The winner advances and the loser, sadly, gets eliminated.

Slated for the O/W are the following matches:

NC09 Player Skins

Since Round 2 is just around the corner, the staff of NC09 would like to introduce custom NC09 player skins.

?|Wo0|? i want some wings ! i want some wings ! so i can FLY !

Yes, Wo0... starting this week, your wish can come true... :D

Click to enlarge

Click here to download the pk3 file and save it in your main tcetest folder.

Expect to see this skin on the official NC servers in the new few days.

Big thanks go out to LayerS for making them - and to the admins that gave their input and tested them. Enjoy!

Week 3

5 matches were played on pub favourites Delta & Stadtrand. Check out the demos, screens, scores, MVP's & stats on the Results page.

Overall weekly stats will be updated shortly. You can check out the previous weeks here:

Prediction League

This week in PL-Land sucked for most people (except you Pus]{a! *shakes fist*) due to many unexpected match results.

Prediction leaders after week 3 are:
  1. Pus]{a
  2. SnaKeS3K
  3. Tug@
  4. Bully
  5. >ICE<

The Off Week matches are up now! Predict away!

Round 2

Pages on the website have already been adjusted to Round 2.

Already, you can see the schedule for R2 (pending the results of the O/W matches).

Also listed on the Rankings page is a new table for R2 points. Right now the teams are sorted in order of their rank from R1 (first listed came in #1, etc.) - so check out how your team ranked!

See you next Monday!! If you can read this, you agree that hobocop is the master of all boobs (not meaning his skill with womens anatomy - but because he is one)

Posted by Diane
Team Terminator

Category: NC09

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