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NC09 Round 1 Week 2
Sunday 30 August 2009 @ 19:42 EDT

We just passed the halfway mark of Round 1 in NC09!

One more week to go before we hold our "off week elimination matches" (you can learn more about this on the Structure page). ...

Four matches were played (the 5th is slated for tomorrow, so check the Results page tomorrow night for those match details) on Railhouse & Snow.

This week saw many things - including great sportsmanship by Spain, a very close match between Germany and USA, a truly noobish round on Railhouse made by a certain admin *cough cough* - not to mention all of the other great matches played.

You can view all the demos, screens, stats and MVP's of this awesome week by visiting the Match Results page.

Rankings have also been updated - and now you can start to get a clearer picture of what's to come in Round 2.

Prediction League

Things have changed dramatically for the prediction leaders of our NC09 Prediction League!

The new top 5 prediction leaders for Weeks 1&2 are as follows:
  1. Pus]{a
  2. SnaKeS3K
  3. Uncle Bionic
  4. Shifty
  5. >ICE<

It's nice to see Bully knocked down from his #1 spot. Let's now work on eliminating Pus]{a and SnaKeS3K. However, you can ONLY do this by participating in Prediction League - so go on over to the site to submit your predictions for Week 3 (or sign up if you haven't already - it's never too late).

Scripting Reminder

As a reminder, please remember to remove ALL scripts from your game. You face the possibility of being removed from the tournament for just having them in your config - even if you don't use them in the match! So please, please, please, remove that stuff before a match!

movie opens in a popup

More details regarding our scripting policy can be found here: VII. Conduct iii. Cheating c) Scripting.

Week 3 Matches

Captains, you know the drill! The matches for this week are:


Good luck to all! Looking forward to next Monday! ;)

Update: Turkey/Croatia and Rest of Europe just played their match. Most predicted TR/HR would win - were they right? Check out the Match Results.


Posted by Diane
Team Terminator

Category: NC09

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