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Warleagues 2009 Summercup Finals!
Friday 21 August 2009 @ 16:12 EDT

From the man, SnaKeS3K, himself:

Here we are finally, only one match left until we know who the 2009 Summercup Champion is! ...

In exciting semi-final matches *CBs* and [SeF] defeated their opponents and entered the final and are now fighting for gold.

The final match will be played on Saturday 22nd of August at 15.00 CET and you have the opportunity to watch the match via WL-TV, IP:

The maps will be: Depot and Northport (TB:Railhouse)

Furthermore, there might be the match for the 3rd place between ]FORCE[ and =]X-BlooD[= later that night, but this is not sure yet (will update as soon as i know).

Nothing left to say except GL and HAVE FUN watching! :)

Visit the WL 2009 Summercup site!

Update: Congrats to *CBs* for defeating [SeF] 11-9 in the WL final. Details below:

Date: 22.8.09
Time: 13:00GMT

Northport: 7-3
Depot: 4-6

Posted by Diane
Team Terminator

Category: Community

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